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Blues and Beyond

Jun 01, 2023 ● By Lisa Dawson
By Lisa Dawson

On a recent Friday evening at Uncork’d Wine Bar & Grill in Frisco, as delicious food was being served and drinks poured for patrons, a young musician quietly approached the microphone and introduced himself. “Hi,” he said. “My name is Alex Lease.” 

For the next few hours, Lease sang and played acoustic guitar, keeping the vibe of the evening soulful and humming along. From blues tunes to ‘90s rock and many songs he’s written himself, Lease entertained the crowd and fulfilled his dreams. 

The sound of his soulful, deep voice accompanied by the perfectly timed, rhythmic strum of his guitar, rose above the laughter, chatter and clinking of glasses. Lease’s music simply made the night seem better. 

Lease doesn’t clearly recall how he came to play guitar or when he started writing music and singing, but he knows it is something that has always been with him. “My Dad bought my little brother an acoustic guitar when I was young,” he says. “I was just drawn to it.” 

Music runs in his family. His father, Greg, played guitar and sang while growing up. His grandfather ran a sound company, and his uncle is a musician who founded the Robert Rogers Blues Band in Virginia. 

 Lease also credits his mother, Denise, for playing a big role in shaping his musical tastes. “One of our all-time favorite bands to see live is The Black Crowes. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen them perform.”

Born in Frederick, Maryland, Lease and his family moved to Allen when he was in elementary school. After graduating from Allen High School, he briefly returned to live in Maryland, but Texas ultimately called him home. 

Lease began making a name for himself in North Texas by playing at restaurants, bars and clubs including Dallas’ Adair’s Saloon and Deep Ellum Brewing Company, as well as at the Deep Ellum Art Festival.

Rooted in Spirituality 

By trade, Lease is a virtual design and construction engineer. He has worked on some large building projects, such as a prefabricated exterior panel system for Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. 

 He says his passion for music and interest in construction and engineering have a common thread. “It’s all about problem-solving,” he says. “You need a creative mind to find a solution. That’s how I see music, as something that helps people work through problems and lifts them up.”

Part of Lease’s musical inspiration comes from time singing and playing guitar at Sunday worship services. Lease has performed live hundreds of times, but he says he gets the most nervous when playing before a congregation at church. 

Most recently, he was part of the worship band at Narrow Trail Cowboy Church in Parker. While in high school, he played at Fellowship Church in Plano. Many of Lease’s songs, including the tune (God Was Having a Good Day) When He Made You, are rooted in his spirituality and passion for God. 

He explains that a sermon he listened to by North Texas Pastor Brad Strand inspired him to write some of his songs. “I started writing music and lyrics in my head before he was even finished speaking,” Lease recalls. “Music highlights the attributes of God and helps spread the gospel.”

‘A Really Unique Sound’ 

Lease also performs regularly as part of the lineup for Music on Main, a monthly live-music series that is staged in Frisco’s Rail District and downtown. 

Being a musician in North Texas is exciting, Lease says, as there are many fantastic spots at which to perform. “The audiences are always receptive,” he says. “Some of my most memorable gigs have taken place in Frisco, and I genuinely believe the people in Frisco have a deep appreciation for music.” 

 Lease’s long-time friend, Chad Costa, says he immediately noticed Lease’s talent. The two met when they were only eight years old. 

“I was like, ‘Wow, this kid is fantastic with a really unique sound.’ I was totally impressed,” he says. “I think a lot of it has to do with what he has experienced in life and how it has grounded him. He is very appreciative and thankful for life and the people in it that he is close to. I feel that also comes across in his music.” 

While friends and family speak of Lease’s gift for music, the musician claims he has never thought of it as a natural talent. 

“I think it’s more about passion. I taught myself and worked really hard because I loved to play,” Lease says. “Maybe some people see it as a talent, but I think it’s about hard work and dedication. I love playing music and sharing my voice.”

Lisa Dawson is a freelance writer and Frisco resident.