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Keeping it Kind

by Leslie Chatman

Established in 2021, the Legacy of Kindness movement was born out of a desire by Legacy Plumbing, which services Frisco and the surrounding area, and the Texas Legends, the Frisco-based NBA G League basketball team, to create a meaningful impact in the community. 

“When COVID happened, we at Legacy Plumbing realized that there was a huge need in our community to bring back some positivity and kindness,” Michelle Young, the company’s chief executive officer, said. “There were a lot of people hurting, stuck at home, not working or living the life that they wanted to live. Going into homes as a service provider day after day, we felt that our customers needed some light, some encouragement.”

Young and the Legacy Plumbing team started looking for small ways they could give back to make a lasting, positive impact on the community around them. Ultimately, they decided to lean into a valued relationship in the community to help them accomplish this. 

“Legacy Plumbing has partnered with the Texas Legends for 10 years on community activations, such as co-founding the Mission of the Month program, threes for charity and hosting a variety of nonprofit organizations at games, so the partnership on efforts to spread kindness in the greater Frisco community was natural,” Britney Wynn, vice president of community and media relations for the Texas Legends, said. “One of the things that has been a powerful part of the relationship is our shared passion for giving back to the community.”

 For the Mission of the Month program, which operated for three years, Legacy Plumbing and the Texas Legends partnered to select a charity each month to support. They collected items from customers, employees, community leaders and business partners for monthly distributions to the chosen charities.  

As part of the threes for charity program, for two years Legacy Plumbing donated dollars for every three-pointer made at Texas Legends’ home games for an entire season to Arms of Hope, a nonprofit that assists children and single-mother families in need. “We ended up presenting a check to them in the amount of $10,000,” Young said.

To kick off Legacy of Kindness movement, aimed at spreading joy and celebrating all things that bring happiness to the greater Frisco community, Legacy Plumbing and the Texas Legends committed to share stories and videos during Legends’ games to amplify the good things happening through acknowledgement and praise. 

“The first thing we did was create what we call kindness cards,” Young said. “This gave people the ability to award a card to someone in the community they saw doing an act of kindness.” Kindness cards promote doing good while also supporting businesses in the Frisco area, allowing the recipient to obtain a free service or product from a participating business.

 It was a win-win for the community, but the want to do more only grew.

“We wanted to take it a step further, to do so much more,” Young said. “We wanted to implement some kindness initiatives on a broader scale that could involve the Texas Legends team, our Legacy Plumbing team and our whole community.”

Now in its second year, the Legacy of Kindness partnership is the third large initiative that Legacy Plumbing and the Texas Legends have worked on together. Preparations are underway to host another community-focused event. 

“Michelle emphasized that we can’t save the world, we can’t get rid of COVID, we can’t change everything for everyone, but we can be a little bit kinder to people and try to be a little more generous,” said Wynn.

 The acknowledgement has made it easy for the Legacy of Kindness movement to place its greatest efforts on impacting those within their “sphere of influence,” allowing the work to create a ripple through the community.

“Britney and I have taken these last two years to brainstorm all the various organizations within our sphere of influence that we would share a little love, light and kindness with,” Young said. “We were looking to do something that did not take a large amount of effort, but that would make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

Young and Wynn work together closely to decide who the program’s honorees will be. Due to the purpose and mission of both organizations, the Texas Legends and Legacy Plumbing are close to many local charities and are familiar with their respective needs. In the future, they plan to open up the nomination process to the public.  

Together, they previously hosted a Thanksgiving meal drive-thru event.Earlier this year, they performed volunteer work at an animal shelter in The Colony and sent care packages to members of the military stationed in Iraq. 

 Also this year, they created care packages with handwritten notes of encouragement and put together baskets of goodies, ice cream, popcorn and other treats for residents at Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation Center-Denton.

“We spent hours loving on the residents, giving them care packages, interacting with them, and showing that we care,” Young said. “This was probably the most impactful event we’ve done together so far. It was incredibly moving to see the immense joy on the residents’ faces and I cannot wait to do it again.”

Legacy Plumbing and the Texas Legends were the first outside group to visit the residents since prior to the start of the pandemic.

“This was an absolutely incredible experience for all of us,” Wynn said. “When you are kind, it seems to go much further right now. It seems like that is what everyone needs. If we can be a little bit more patient and a little kinder in our daily dealings with one another, it makes the world a much better place.”

Leslie Chatman is a writer with a passion for giving back to her community. She has served on several nonprofit teams in Dallas and Collin counties, most currently serving on the State Fair of Texas Chairman’s Task Force.