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It's in the Bag

Nov 01, 2022 ● By Leslie Chatman
by Leslie Chatman

Despite some grocery stores stocking a single aisle with a few specialty and ethnic products, the appeal for shoppers to create meals at home using authentic international flavors and products — as well as knowing precisely where the meat, dairy and produce items they purchase originate — is increasing.

Specialty and ethnic markets are at the forefront of efforts to support consumers’ demands for an array of unique items and a high level of product knowledge as shoppers indulge in trying new meats, spices, produce and food-preparation techniques.

When consumers are searching for something more than cuts of meat of unknown origin and such items as frozen egg rolls or prepackaged ramen meals, these markets can fill a void by offering a customer-focused shopping experience as well as the ingredients required to craft tasty dishes at home. 

With Frisco’s evolving grocery market landscape in mind (the area's first H-E-B store opened here to huge crowds and lines out the door in September), Frisco STYLE has compiled a non-inclusive guide of local specialty and ethnic markets. These stores aim to provide top-notch customer service along with high-quality products that oftentimes cannot be sourced at traditional supermarkets and big-box stores.

 Chris’s Specialty Foods

6363 Dallas Parkway, Suite 110, Frisco

 Since 1994, Chris’s Specialty Foods has leaned into its Cajun roots, creating signature meat and seafood products that reflect the robust flavors and traditional food preparation techniques of the region. The Louisiana-based brand has grown to become a leader in the industry. In 2019, it opened its Frisco outpost, the only location outside of Louisiana. This introduced a new audience to the market’s boudin sausage, deboned chicken, steaks, smoked and cured products, as well as a wide variety of turducken options, stuffed pork chops, seafood pies and wild game.

Wild Fork

4770 W. Eldorado Parkway, Frisco

Florida-based Wild Fork opened its first Texas store here in 2021 to offer reasonably priced chicken, seafood, lamb, wild game, pork and Nebraska- and Colorado-sourced beef. Setting itself apart from other area meat markets, Wild Fork offers cuts that most traditional stores do not and utilizes a 17-day, climate-controlled aging process to enhance the flavor of its beef as well as an innovative eight-day aging process for its pork.

With a focus on maintaining quality, Wild Fork blast freezes meat at peak freshness and keeps the temperature consistent throughout further processing to maintain tenderness. To minimize frozen-food waste, it uses three specialty packaging options: vacuum sealed, saddle packs and individual quick-frozen packs. These allow customers to cook the amount of meat needed per meal, while keeping the rest safely sealed and frozen for later use. 

Keeping its commitment to transforming how consumers shop for meat, if Wild Fork shoppers cannot make it to the store to select and purchase items, orders submitted online before 4 p.m. can be delivered by dinnertime with free shipping. 

Hareli Fresh Market

2525 Main St., Frisco

Since opening in 2018, Hareli Fresh Market has served the community as an international supermarket stocking Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic items. In addition to importing gourmet and organic ingredients such as flour, grains, spices, dairy products and peppers, it also offers difficult-to-find specialty items, limited beer, wine, home decor, kitchen wares, cookbooks, cosmetics, soaps and other lifestyle products.

While at the store, shoppers may take a break from shopping to enjoy samosas and other international snacks that are freshly prepared throughout the day, as well as an ever-changing menu of prepared dishes and desserts.  

 99 Ranch Market

9292 Warren Parkway, Suite 200, Frisco

 This well-known Asian supermarket chain has become the go-to spot for shoppers seeking imported specialty Asian meats, seafood, produce, baked goods and spices. Founded in 1984 to fill the gap at some American grocery stores that failed to stock many ethnic food options, Roger Chen, a Taiwanese immigrant, founded 99 Ranch Market. The company has since worked to bring fresh products and the bold, authentic flavors of Asian food stateside, encouraging experimentation and use of international ingredients to prepare dishes at home. 

The Frisco location of 99 Ranch Market opened in 2019. Its in-store cafe and bakery is always abuzz with shoppers, providing an opportunity to try various prepared dishes for a quick lunch or fuss-free dinner before they head out with their purchases.


2693 Preston Road, Suite 1020, Frisco 
14339 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 180, Frisco

Originally started as a 100-acre farm, Farm2Cook saw the benefits of making partnerships with others in the industry. The Zabiha Halal-certified meat market boasts exclusive partnerships with vendors to bring customers the highest-quality, non-GMO chicken, grass-fed goat, lamb and beef as well as seafood, eggs and dairy products.

Farm2Cook opened the first Frisco location on Preston in March 2019, followed by a second location in June 2021. Built on a foundation of providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service, the company is focused on maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping its prices affordable.

Leslie Chatman is a writer with a passion for giving back to her community. She has served on several nonprofit teams in Dallas and Collin counties, most currently serving on the State Fair of Texas Chairman’s Task Force.