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Small Place, Big Taste

Jan 01, 2022 ● By Amy Richmond

Sometimes, as my friends will good-naturedly attest, I catch a trend only after it has crashed onto the shore with a big splash. Such is the case with Frisco Diner. This small, unassuming storefront on Dallas Parkway, north of Main Street, was an instant success when it opened six years ago, but somehow my husband and I did not cross its threshold until recently.

With the lulling white noise of the tollway traffic behind us, we were a bit surprised to open the door on a recent Thursday morning and find the narrow eatery filled to the brim. The only two available tables were occupied within seconds of our arrival, and a steady stream of customers kept the others filled the entire time we were there. This was not what we expected to encounter on a Thursday morning.

Frisco Diner’s décor is a simple palette of gray and honey brown with pops of red. Corrugated metal lines the lower half of the walls and gray booths run the length of the restaurant. Honey-colored tables and floors add a warm tone to the scene, but the red lamps, metal chairs, and familiar red plastic Coca-Cola® cups tie the classic diner look together.

On one wall, framed photographs of classic diners render memories of the good-old days. On another wall, three large metal signs state, “Sit, Eat, Enjoy.” Behind a half-height brick wall, lined with pots of coffee and pitchers of water and tea, you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen. A few barstools (if you manage to claim one) provide a front-row seat to the cooks in action as servers weave in and out. These happy servers sport t-shirts proclaiming, “Small Place, Big Taste,” which amplified our curiosity about the diner.

 The menu gave us plenty of breakfast choices to ponder under the categories of Farm Fresh Eggs, FC Dallas Classics,

Ranger Benedicts, Cowboy Omelets, Star Skillets, Belgian Waffles, Signature Pancakes, French Toast Creations and Lighten It Up.

The egg selections include Grilled Asparagus, Corned Beef Hash, Chicken Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, or a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. Each are served with two eggs. Sides include a choice of hash browns, grits or fresh fruit and either toast, pancakes or biscuits.

FC Dallas Classics feature a range of combination plates from the Cowgirl – with two buttermilk pancakes, one egg and two strips of bacon or sausage patties – to huevos rancheros, migas or chicken and waffles.

Ranger Benedicts selections are comprised of Classic Eggs Benedict and other creative variations with bacon, avocado, tomato and cream cheese or portobella mushrooms, feta cheese, spinach and tomato. Each plate is served with a side of hash browns, grits or fruit.

Belgian waffles – including the Very Berry Bliss with sweet mascarpone cheese and glazes – are also available.

With more than 50 menu choices and countless permutations of ingredients and sides, our decision about what to order was a tough one. My husband went with the Classic Eggs Benedict with grits, while I opted for a Choose-A-Cheese Cowboy Omelet with cheddar, ham and chorizo sausage, as well as fresh fruit and biscuits on the side. Just for grins, we added an order of Fresh Glazed Strawberry French Toast to share. With a mug of hot tea and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, we primed ourselves for the feast ahead.

 While waiting for our entrees to arrive, we noticed our fellow diners that morning included families with kids and couples enjoying a late breakfast, among others. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, and employees greeted everyone who entered like a neighbor from down the street. In a way, despite being new customers, it felt a bit like we had come home. Combined with the comfort cuisine, it’s easy to see why folks return to Frisco Diner.

My husband relished his Classic Eggs Benedict, served with two halves of an English muffin each blanketed by a hearty slice of Canadian bacon and topped with a poached egg covered in hollandaise sauce. I was almost hesitant to disturb his obvious euphoria to ask how it tasted, but gathered it was a huge thumbs up. The hollandaise sauce boasted a bit of tang, which made things even more interesting, and the grits were consumed in record time. I’d be remiss not to mention the orange juice, which my husband touted as the best freshly squeezed juice he’s had in ages.

The omelet with ham and chorizo provided a good kickstart to the day ahead with just enough cheddar cheese to add some tang, as well. The biscuits were the perfect blend of sturdiness and fluff, and melted in your mouth without falling apart on the way in.

As I ate the fresh-fruit side, which provided a nice balance to the meal, the Fresh Glazed Strawberry French Toast began singing its siren song from the center of the table. Two pieces of challah bread are transformed by Frisco Diner’s “Famously Delicious French Toast Batter” (according to the menu), a dusting of powdered sugar and artful drizzles of fresh strawberry sauce. This is not the strawberry syrup one encounters at other breakfast restaurants: Light and not too sweet, this sauce is in a league of its own. Finished with a bit of syrup, the bread took centerstage.

 After we consumed our breakfast (no small feat, by the way) Sphresim (CJ) Seferi stopped by the table to clear our plates and ask how our meal had measured up. One of two brothers who own Frisco Diner, during a conversation we learned how his Albanian father made them work at his Illinois restaurant while they were growing up. In the process, the brothers learned the secrets to operating a successful restaurant.

According to Seferi, on weekdays Frisco Diner has a steady stream of customers with an occasional short line. On Fridays and weekends, however, “Things get a bit crazy,” with lines often stretching out the door. Only breakfast and lunch are offered, and the place closes at 2:30 p.m. daily. The brothers are planning to expand with another location near U.S. 380 and FM 423. For now, if you wish to enjoy a meal at Frisco Diner, get there early to try and beat the crowd. You are in for a good meal and a taste of home.

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