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A Meal Worth the Trip

Jul 01, 2021 ● By Amy Richmond

In the midst of the pandemic, an oasis appeared in west Frisco to quench its travel-parched citizens. 

 Tucked into the corner of a shopping center at Stonebrook and Teel Parkways, the colorful sign of Dos Amigos Cantina and the metal mariachi band that mingles among the place’s outdoor seating beckoned with a hint of the party inside. Crossing the threshold transported us to a Mexican cantina, with Latin music blaring and a colorful feast awaiting our eyes. 

On one side of the restaurant, brick walls are framed with a long, black quilted booth and windows are draped with burgundy damask fabric. On the other, a well-stocked bar is highlighted with teal backlighting and neon signs. On the back wall, above the kitchen, another metal mariachi band is silhouetted against giant saguaros and the setting sun. To the left, a balcony door hinted of someone who may be listening to a serenade inside. All around, the place was bustling during a recent visit, and for a moment you forgot about everything else and just enjoyed the escape.

 Before my husband and I were fully seated, chips and salsa were already being placed on our table. As most Texans will attest, chips and salsa are often the initial test of a worthy Mexican restaurant, but Dos Amigos has nothing to worry about. The fresh salsa is handmade with vegetables roasted over mesquite wood, which results in a smoky and addictive dose of spice. With chips and salsa as my known weakness, I was helpless to resist.

The drink menu only provided a minor distraction from the salsa, but a frozen cocktail sounded like the perfect complement. I ordered the Amigos Swirl
Margarita, swirled with sangria, which did not disappoint. My husband opted for the frozen Mango Margarita rimmed with Tajin seasoning and commented how fresh the mango tasted.

While sipping our libations and still under the spell of the salsa, we explored the list of appetizers, which consisted of queso, guacamole, Carne Asada Fries and quesadillas. However, Dos Amigos’ signature appetizer, Queso Fundido with Chorizo sausage, sounded too good to pass up. With no hint of what was to come on the menu, this appetizer was what finally broke my addiction to the salsa.

 Our server, Erika, arrived with a tray that held fresh tortillas, a shot of tequila, a cast-iron skillet filled with cheese and chorizo, and a lighter. Before we knew it, the cheese was on fire and Erika was casually stirring the flames. My salsa addiction came to an abrupt halt as I watched the fire melt the glorious cheese concoction. Once the flames subsided, Erika had the difficult task of scooping the queso into freshly-made tortillas. The relentless strings of cheese that resulted were a testament to its authenticity. We relished the fabulous combination of fresh cheese, chorizo and tortillas until we realized we had not yet ordered our entrées. 

Perusing the menu once again, we noticed lighter options of soups, salads and shrimp, but we were now fully committed and figured we may as well go all in! “Family Feasts,” which serve four to six people, are family-style options that include Queso Fundido, a selection of meats, fresh tortillas and either baked potatoes or rice and beans. That was a bit too all in for two people, so we explored other options. 

For fajitas, Dos Amigos offers a choice of Veggie, Tequila Lime Chicken, Beef Skirt Steak, Fresh Gulf Shrimp, chicken and beef, or a trio of chicken, beef and shrimp. Each is served with fresh
tortillas, Mexican rice, charro beans, shredded cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Meanwhile, enchiladas are hailed as “heaven wrapped in a tortilla and smothered with sauce.” Selections include Queso Chihuahua, Ground Beef, Shrimp, Roasted Chicken or Deshebrada (braised shredded beef) with a choice of creamy rajas sauce, salsa verde, adobo sauce, chili con carne or queso sauce. Other main dishes include Grilled Chicken, Chipotle Pork Tenderloins, Tequila-Lime Salmon and Skirt Steak.

 My husband opted for chicken and beef fajitas. When it arrived, sizzling on a cast-iron skillet, the juicy chicken and steak strips were separated on a colorful bed of roasted vegetables. A separate plate of pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese and Mexican rice played second fiddle to the primary sizzle, and a small bowl of charro beans served as the final punctuation to the medley of food. After indulging in the queso and salsa, it sure looked like a lot of food! We laughed when he unfurled a fresh tortilla and discovered it was burrito-sized. It served as a green light to dig in and load it up!

I selected the Roasted Chicken Enchiladas with rajas sauce, which also included white rice and black beans. This entrée arrived on a single plate but was no less appetizing. Three fresh tortillas were stuffed full of finely shredded chicken, beautifully draped in creamy rajas sauce and dusted with a medley of carrots, lettuce and cheese. A fluffy hill of white rice rose up next to it, and a bowl of black beans oversaw the entire landscape. Having eyed my husband’s Mexican rice, I was surprised to see white rice on my plate. But looks can be deceiving, and one bite quickly changed my mind. The rice was so tender it practically melted in my mouth, and I happily
consumed it as though I had just discovered some little-known secret.

 Needless to say, after delighting in all of this wonderfully fresh food, my husband and I were brought back to reality when our stomachs started to raise the white flag. But our eyes conveniently spotted the options on the dessert menu and our tastebuds fell for it. The journey was not over yet, and we happily trudged forward. Our eyes quickly saw Kahlua Tres Leches Cake, Churros filled with cajeta (a caramel sauce), and ChocoFlan, which was described as a classic chocolate cake with a layer of creamy caramelized flan. We made our selections: Kahlua Tres Leches Cake for my husband, and Churros with a side of ice cream for me. Truth be told, I thought I was ordering the “lighter” option, but the joke was on me!

 My husband’s caramel-colored cake came topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut and peaks of sliced strawberries. The Mexican churros – all four of them – also featured whipped cream and sliced strawberries dusted with powdered sugar, in addition to a bowl of ice cream, a second bowl of whipped cream and a bowl of hot caramel sauce. It was a Ferris wheel of flavors, and after one bite of those churros, filled with cajeta and dipped in whipped cream and caramel, I was hooked. 

We fully enjoyed every bite of our meal and thoroughly soaked in the fun atmosphere at Dos Amigos. (We even caught a glimpse of the cook dancing). On this Sunday night, every table was filled, so word of this destination has traveled quickly. Our trip to this new oasis has proven that an enjoyable escape can be achieved without airfare.

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Amy Richmond is a writer who relishes faith, family, intriguing conversations, and inspiring words. She wishes time could be saved in a bottle, because one lifetime isn’t enough.