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StrEATS Band Profile: Burning Sky

May 06, 2021 ● By Lauren Greci

Burning Sky, a popular North Texas rock band, is performing at Frisco StrEATS on Saturday, May 8, 2021. The band came together from all over the United States, but the majority of the band members are native Texans. Kristy Johnson, born and raised in Dallas, is the lead vocalist for Burning Sky and her husband Glenn Johnson accompanies her with vocals, but he is also the guitarist and keyboardist. Brian Fulenwider (vocalist and bassist) is a proud Texan who grew up in Mesquite, Texas; Jeremy Thornton (lead guitarist) is also a native Texan, born in Oak Cliff, and Pat Calabrese, Burning Sky’s drummer, is from New Jersey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson started the band about eight years ago. “We’ve come to know each other through the local live music scene and deep friendships have formed,” shares Mrs. Johnson. When they are not performing, Mrs. Johnson owns a consulting business, but her dream job is to own a no-kill animal rescue. Mr. Johnson is a vice president of an information technology infrastructure group. Mr. Calabrese is a senior loan officer and Mr. Thorton is a senior consultant. Additionally, Mr. Thorton works with a human trafficking survivors advocacy group that focuses mostly on minors trying to escape the trafficking industry as well as provide education to schools, hospitals, hotels and other groups. 

Reflecting on their performances, Mrs. Johnson recalls fond memories of playing at the Dallas House of Blues, in addition to another memorable moment: “There was a time that we were a featured band at the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon. The weather that day was miserable with high winds and temperatures in the 20’s, but it couldn’t freeze out our enthusiasm!” Another interesting moment was during a recent show when Burning Sky had to enlist a last-minute substitute bassist who had to learn their songs in a very short amount of time. “We got to the gig and when it came to the song ‘Jungle Love,’ the substitute bassist quickly realized that he’d learned the version by Morris Day and the Time … but we do the Steve Miller version, a completely different sounding song!” Mrs. Johnson recalls, “But we can’t forget the outdoor gig we played on a giant plaza where I tripped over a microphone cord and went tumbling down a flight of concrete stairs, all without missing a beat and popped right back up and continued singing!”

The band members of Burning Sky love to perform. Mrs. Johnson states, “There’s something that’s just so magical about bringing music to a group of people who smile back at you and sing along with the songs they know and love. When you can bring enjoyment to people – even for a little while – there’s huge satisfaction in that.”


Make sure to visit Frisco STYLE’s booth at StrEATS festival and check out Burning Sky on stage Saturday, May 8, 2021. You can find Burning Sky on their website at

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