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StrEATS Band Profile: Desperado

May 04, 2021 ● By Lauren Greci

Frisco’s StrEATS is proud to have Desperado perform on the main stage on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Desperado is a mostly Texas-raised band, except for Dave White (keyboardist) who grew up in the Baltimore area, while Keith Goodman (vocalist and guitarist) and Ty Weatherly (vocalist and bassist) reside here in Frisco.

Mel Bittick, Desporado’s vocalist, drummer and manager, shared that Donny Hart (vocalist and guitarist), had an acoustic trio together and they would occasionally play a couple of Eagles songs during their performances. “People would always say we sounded great covering the Eagles and they would ask for more, so we decided to put together a tribute band. As far as the rest of the guys in the band, we’ve known each other for years.”

Mr. Bittick shared that the best thing about performing live music is the energy exchange between the audience and the band. “The rush of that is unlike anything else in this world. When you're on stage and you see a huge crowd smiling, singing and enjoying what you're doing, it's an incredible feeling.” 

Most may not know that the band members are all “old metalheads.” They came from a background of playing heavy rock music, so learning to play Eagles music was “a big change and a huge challenge,” but one that they are succeeding at immensely. 

Make sure to catch Donny Hart, Mel Bittick, Ty Weatherly, Keith Goodman, James May and Dave White of Desperado at Frisco’s StrEATS on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Please visit to learn more. You can also find Desperado and their upcoming shows on their website at