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Michelle Anderson

Apr 21, 2021 ● By Lauren Greci

Michelle Anderson, interviewed in our April article “Fresh from the Farm,” is currently the market manager at Frisco Fresh Market. Her role is to provide the best of what the market has to offer to the citizens of Frisco. This includes ensuring the marketplace is family-friendly, planning fun, awesome events and offering the best produce, food and artisan products. Some notable achievements of Ms. Anderson’s include the ‘Most Authentic Gumbo’ and the best presentation in a gumbo cookoff, but she is most proud of the awards her daughters, Siri, Kenzie and Meren, have earned.

Ms. Anderson comes from a culinary background and often meets and works with various vendors. Throughout her career, she has seen some vendors fail and others grow and succeed. “When I talk about my job to my friends, they always tell me that I couldn't have found a job that is a better fit for me. My co-workers are the best and so supportive. We really are a team and everyone helps each other. It is just a really great place to work and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see the market grow and become a bigger part of the Frisco community.”

Besides Ms. Anderson’s work life, every year she looks forward to fall - specifically Halloween. She tries to watch at least one horror film each day in October. When the holidays end, you can still find her perusing and shopping at the Frisco Fresh Market as Ms. Anderson believes that Frisco has the best shopping and vendors.