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Earnest B's Loaded BBQ Nachos

These nachos are anything but simple appetizer fare. Suitable as a main course, they’re piled high with all the fixins’ of a proper Texas barbecue feast. Don’t fret over precisely measuring the ingredients – add as little or as much of each item as you like!


  • Corn tortilla chips
  • Nacho cheese sauce (jarred or canned)
  • Earnest B’s Texas Chopped Brisket, Chopped Pork Shoulder or Chopped Smoked Chicken (or substitute meat sourced elsewhere)
  • Earnest B’s BBQ sauce (or substitute your favorite brand of bottled barbecue sauce)
  • Coleslaw (fresh or premade)
  • Barbecue-flavored baked beans (canned or sourced elsewhere)
  • Sliced pickled jarred jalapeño and banana peppers


  1. Place tortilla chips on a wide platter.
  2. Layer meat, nacho cheese sauce and barbecue sauce atop chips.
  3. Top with baked beans, coleslaw and peppers.
  4. Serve.