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Jenna Gates

Mar 15, 2021 ● By Frisco STYLE

Jenna Gates, interviewed in our article “Programme of Excellence,” is a devoted teacher, coach and administrator for the Frisco ISD for the past 11 years. Ms. Gates has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the Texas A&M University, a teaching certificate for secondary science and a master’s degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Texas. She previously taught biology and was the science instructional coach at Frisco High School. Currently, as the Assistant Principal and IB/AVID Coordinator at Frisco High School, Ms. Gates works toward improving the Frisco ISD’s education system for the better. Not only does Ms. Gates love helping students, but she is also very proud of her students and what they have achieved. “I am very fortunate to have many students who stay in touch to keep me updated on their life accomplishments from college, careers, family, etc ... those updates are what educators love to hear!” 

Besides Ms. Gates’s devotion to improving the educational system, Ms. Gates is dedicated to her family, which includes her daughter, who graduated from Frisco High School in 2020 and her parents, who are her biggest supporters in life. She especially loves to spend time with her mother. “A day out shopping, eating and spending time with my mom is a favorite.” In addition, Ms. Gates has two different colored eyes which made it a challenge for her when deciding which one to list on her driver's license!

In all, Ms. Gates and the entire Frisco ISD community have made it their priority toward improving the quality of education which includes providing many educational opportunities for students and promoting volunteer service projects for a variety of community organizations. “Our community should know how diverse our student body is throughout the school district, which is reflected on my campus of Frisco High School. It truly takes a team effort with numerous roles in a building and at the district level to provide high-quality educational opportunities and services for our FISD students.”