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Dan and Kara Stricklin

Mar 15, 2021 ● By Frisco STYLE
Dan and Kara both went to Marcus High School in Flower Mound but had not met while in high school. Kara was friends with Dan's sister in school and six years after high school they both became really close friends. Dan decided to ask out his sister's best friend and 17 years later, Dan is still dating his sister's best friend.
The Stricklin’s moved to Savannah, Texas shortly after they got married and in 2015, they made the move to Frisco to be closer to their church, friends and family. “Moving to Frisco is one of the best decisions we have made together; we love our community!”
Dan is a partner at Intelisite, a mobile surveillance provider, and Kara works at Optimal Blue as a Senior Client Advisor. They both served at Elevate Life Church for many years in several different groups, the usher team, led Bible studies and helped in the nursery. Dan served on his HOA for several years and is now serving on the city council. Kara is on the Social Committee in Waterstone and at Optimal Blue.
The Sticklin’s will be celebrating their 16th anniversary in February. Kara states, “Dan coined the term Vale-versary, thinking he would get off easy with just lumping the two celebrations together, but it has taken on a whole new meaning and now we get to celebrate from February 14 to February 27! We have had so many great celebration dinners and taken several trips during Vale-versary.”