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Social-Distancing Guide to the Town

Sep 01, 2020 ● By Frisco STYLE

Despite everyone’s summer plans of mall trips, get togethers with friends and family and group events getting cancelled due to social distancing, summer doesn’t have to be boring. Sitting at home for months on end has made us all either try something new, acquire a new skill or simply enjoy some ‘me’ time. Many people have discovered their hidden cooking talents and invoked their inner Martha Stewarts, while others are itching for more quirky, exhilarating adventures. Frisco offers an endless list of fun activities that support social distancing, while promoting a variety of fun and games. 

These places include Stumpy’s Hatchet House, Andretti Indoor Karting and The Splatter Room in Frisco. And, if you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, you can visit the Float Spot in Frisco, where the incredible customer reviews on the relaxing experience will entice you to go immediately.

While soon to open in Frisco, Stumpy’s Hatchet House will offer a wide variety of exhilarating activities such as hatchet throwing, crafting your own beer or drinks and a variety of giant games to play. This thrilling axe-throwing facility is only available to those who are 18 years of age and over. You can achieve a throwdown by hurling an axe straight into the bullseye of a stump and you can enjoy some laughs with your friends and family while sipping a beer. There are beautiful places to take pictures, relish some competitive family time and to challenge yourself in a unique way. They sanitize all surfaces regularly, never combine separate families or groups and enforce strict social distancing, making it a safe, fun environment. Many customers say they had an incredible time with their families and close friends and would definitely recommend it to those interested in a competitive indoor adventure. Masks are mandatory in all public places in Frisco now and this place is no exception.

For those looking for some artsy activities involving colors, there’s a wide variety of opportunities offered by Pinspiration. Created by Brooke Rae, an avid crafter “rumored to be born with a glue gun in her hand,” Pinspiration is a perfect place to relieve stress in a creative and relaxing environment. Due to its uniqueness, their $18-per-person splatter room is by far the most popular. The Splatter Room is a room filled with buckets of pastel colored paints, where closet artists can freehand a canvas painting by throwing the paint on the canvas or using their hands to spread the paint. It’s abstract art at its finest. You can design anything your heart desires, be it for a date, a gift or simply for fun. The parents and grandparents can enjoy some wine in the studio while the children are offered a wide range of delicious snacks. They also offer canvas paintings, where customers register for a time and date and pick their canvas. Then tapping into your own creativity, customers create a unique masterpiece that they can hang in their living room or bedroom. Previous customers have created surreal paintings of the Eiffel Tower, a blooming field of bright flowers or simply their favorite cartoon character. With top-notch technology and art supplies, activities offered by Pinspiration are the perfect way to unleash your artistic side. It is a very clean facility, with proper social distancing guidelines enforced and you don’t have to interact with a large group of people to participate. They also offer pick-up packages of craft supplies to take home with everything you need to make unique do-it-yourself crafts and beautiful pieces for your home. 

While some are looking for serenity and relaxation, others are looking for a heart-racing adventure. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is the perfect fit for the adrenaline junkie! Andretti offers racetracks with karts, arcade games, laser tag, VR games and even duckpin bowling. Located in The Colony, it is a convenient location close to home. The electric karts are safe and a perfect experience to competitively race your friends or family around sharp turns at breathtaking speeds and experience that adrenaline rush on the tracks. The arcade is for the gamers, with life-sized gaming machines, great 3D experiences and a chance to put your senses to the ultimate test. Laser Tag is a popular game among teenagers and young guests who need a little suspense and action for fun. The duckpin bowling is another popular attraction to visit with family and it is customized to fit your comfort and personal preferences. The entire place is sanitized well and interaction with other families or groups is limited.

If you’re looking for a break from hours of endless work and need a little peace and quiet, The Float Spot Tranquility Studio is an incredible place to visit. This unique, relaxing experience involves being immersed within a giant covered pod, suspended in tepid water infused with 1100 lbs. of dissolved USP Epsom Salts. Guests are in complete darkness, with ear plugs, enjoying soothing body gels and luxurious personal care products. A float session is a great way to improve your body and mental wellness. Modestly priced, the entire amenity has a tranquil atmosphere and positive vibes. The long-term benefits are aplenty, including improved focus, deeper meditation, better sleep and clearing of the mind.

This year may be full of unforeseen challenges, but there are a number of ways to have fun and still be safe here in Frisco. Whether you choose to focus on improving yourself or spend more time with your loved ones, consider these options as fun ways to explore the community while also keeping yourself safe.

Rasmitha Edupuganti is a high school student with a passion for adventure and writing.