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Business is Blumen in Frisco!

Jul 01, 2020 ● By Frisco STYLE

Lucia Flanagan is the owner and creative director of the Blumen Bus, Frisco’s first mobile flower bus, providing floral stems, arrangements, build your own bouquets and more. Maybe you have seen her 1979 Volkswagen Type II Bus cruisin’ around the Metroplex or parked at a farmer’s market in town.

The Blumen Bus is a family-operated business; Lucia’s husband, Rob, usually drives the bus; their daughter, Ayla, manages the social media accounts; and their son, Michael, helps with deliveries. Lucia loves spending time with her family and finding ways to connect with each other. Running the Blumen Bus is just one of the ways they bond.

Born in Germany, Lucia was raised in Arlington Heights, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. Lucia fondly remembers her childhood. “Growing up, we always had VWs, sometimes as many as seven at a time. We would travel across the country and to Mexico in the campers. We created so many wonderful memories together, from camping in the Grand Canyon to sharing the narrow, dirt roads with goats and cows in Mexico to watching my dad diligently work on the engines when we would break down. The VW's hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t help but smile when I see one cruising around.”

Eventually, Lucia made her way to Frisco in 1997, with her husband, Rob. In addition to running the Blumen Bus, Lucia also enjoys volunteering her time at local charities. Lucia and her daughter were in the National Charity League, which Lucia describes as very rewarding as they worked with a variety of organizations such as the Sunrise Senior Center and Operation Kindness. Currently, Lucia and her son are involved with the Young Men’s Service League, with a similar concept as the National Charity League, as they volunteer for Frisco Fast Pacs helping with ice cream socials at Watermere Retirement Community.

According to Lucia, she always wanted to open a flower shop. Lucia’s green thumb was cultivated by first volunteering at the Dallas Museum of Art, making arrangements for the different exhibits throughout the museum. “When food trucks started to become popular it made perfect sense to combine the concepts and create a mobile flower market. I wanted to provide a source for everyone to have flowers without feeling like they have to spend a lot of money,” mentions Lucia.

However, finding the bus was proving to be a challenge. Lucia commented they were looking for just the right Volkswagen bus that was in excellent condition. “Eventually, we found one we loved and the owner was, as he stated, an ‘expedition guide for National Geographic.’ After months of back and forth negotiations, mainly because he was ‘constantly in remote, exotic areas,’ it ended up being a colossal scam. Eventually, we finally got our perfect bus we found in Austin, Texas. Soon after, we booked our first corporate event.” However, the event didn’t go as planned either. Lucia was hit with yet another roadblock. She explains, “The event was scheduled just two weeks after we officially opened and the bus broke down hours before the event so we frantically arranged to have it towed more than 100 miles. We had discounted our fees to meet the event’s budget in the first place, and with the towing fiasco we essentially ended up paying them to have us come out for the event.”

Even with these first few bumps in the road, Lucia persevered and was passionate about her goals. She offers up advice for all business owners. “Once you have your goals set, stay committed and focused on why you launched your business in the first place.”

Now, you can find The Blumen Bus driving all around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Lucia frequently partners with Frisco businesses in an effort to promote local establishments. Recently, Lucia left free flowers in front of Countdown 2 Escape, right off Main Street in downtown Frisco, to brighten up fellow citizens. You can also find The Blumen Bus at the Frisco Rotary Farmers’ Market in Frisco Square on select Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Looking back, Lucia fondly remembers their first farmers’ market. “We had so much support from friends, family and people interested in coming to check out the bus. I think it cultivates a really nostalgic feeling that brings people together. It gets so much attention and I love hearing stories about others’ VWs from when they were growing up or how they have a vintage one they are restoring now. Of course, flowers always brighten anyone’s day as well.”

With the interesting climate of our world the last few months, a lot of businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Luckily for Lucia, the flower business has bloomed. “We’ve actually had more orders during these last few months with COVID-19 and quarantine in place. A lot of people just want to brighten up their home or workspace, and others wanted to cheer up their friends and neighbors with a floral delivery. People really do find happiness in flowers, and I think that was really evident during the lockdown. The feedback she received from recipients warmed my heart as many shared how the flowers made their day or expressed how elated they were to receive beautiful flowers since they have been home and not able to work. “I truly believe flowers feed the soul,” Lucia lovingly shared.

As things are starting to open back up, The Blumen Bus is revving up. “I actually have two weddings this weekend so that side of the business is picking back up as well!” exclaimed Lucia.

In addition to providing gorgeous flowers and arrangements for locals, The Blumen Bus also rents out their VW bus for corporate events, special occasions and photo shoots. “We’ve done many customer and client appreciations and I especially enjoy being a part of charity events,” mentions Lucia. The Blumen Bus has been a backdrop for photo shoots for events with the Delicious Wishes with Make a Wish Foundation and the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Lemonade Stand for the past few years.

When asked what her favorite flower is, Lucia lamented and had a hard time picking just one. “The ones I find so beautiful don’t necessarily have a fragrance, like the King Proteas. The ones that do have a fragrance aren’t considered as beautiful, like carnations for example, or they don’t last very long. However, to give an answer, I would have to say the ranunculus is my favorite flower because they have endless layers of beautiful, delicate petals. One of the most requested flowers from clients and repeat customers at farmers’ markets are Blue Thistles.

The Blumen Bus smells of sweet family memories, full of nostalgia, and bursting with lovely flowers. Lucia has a “blumen” family business, one that brings joy to so many, right here in the heart of Frisco. You can find Lucia and The Blumen Bus on Instagram at They can also be found on Facebook at, as well as their website, or you can contact Lucia directly at [email protected].

Lauren Greci is a former award-winning teacher and local freelance writer with a zeal for God, family, food and friends.