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"Glamp" Squad

Mar 01, 2020 ● By Allie Spletter

Here in Frisco, and throughout Texas, people like to do things big! Over-the-top! Frisco residents like their big city, big sports, big entertainment … you name it! March brings with it Spring Break – a time to step back and unplug from the daily rush. Phones, computers, deadlines, practices, games, etc., take up so much time that it is easy to miss out on the things that really matter, like family, relaxation, self-care and making memories – all great reasons for families to head out of town on Spring Break in search of new adventures. 

The chance to experience nature helps create memories children can grow up with. Think roasting marshmallows over the fire or fishing on the lake as a gorgeous sunset paints the sky in front of you. Vacations do not have to be a plane ride away, and you definitely do not need to “rough it.” At several nearby locations, the great outdoors and modern luxury collide offering only the best of both worlds. In a word, it is “glamping!”

Glamping offers accommodations and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional, sleep-on-the-ground and cook-your-own-food camping. Glamping allows families comforts such as beds, electricity and indoor plumbing, which are not usually accessible with traditional camping. The way families travel is changing, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all vacation. 

Monica Maynard Wood, a real estate broker and the owner of and luxury cabins in Broken Bow, Okla., explains, “Glamping is camping in style! You can be submersed in nature, but still have modern amenities like a plush king-size bed, a chef’s kitchen and even a luxurious bathroom. I love camping, but really not for more than one night. With glamping, you can stay much longer because you are so much more comfortable. If you go float the river, you can come back to a hot shower and nice dinner or go hiking and come back for a dip in the hot tub. Modern luxuries like air conditioning and heat are available (unlike in a tent) and guests can lounge around the deck watching deer and wildlife pass by, just steps away from your comfy cabin.” 

Texoma Destinations’ Courtney Garvin adds, “Glamping, to us, is camping with the comforts we cannot live without. You can sit under the stars at night around a fire and wake up in the morning snuggled in a bed with the comfort of air conditioning and heat … and let’s not forget the coffee that will already be brewing!” 

Glamping destinations are closer to Frisco than you might think and may require just a quick trip up Highway 75 to Lake Texoma or Broken Bow, Okla., or even to Lake Grapevine, right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Ms. Maynard Wood says the short drive is absolutely worth the relaxation awaiting on the other end of the trip. “The drive itself is beautiful and relaxing. Once you arrive to the cabin, you are in the perfect area to stay in or go out, as cabins are within walking distance to a winery, brewery, coffee house and a few restaurants,” she explains. Ms. Maynard Wood and her husband’s properties’ unique and luxurious designs are what set them apart from others in the area. A lot of the design aspects are even from companies right out of Frisco. 

Their properties, The Barndo, Vail’s Bluff and Brooks Creek Cabin (and even a cabin in Tulum, Mexico) offer a myriad of modern and luxurious amenities that allow visitors to feel like they are in a five-star hotel, just in the middle of the woods. Ms. Maynard Woods adds, “You can hire a chef to cook during your stay and cleaners always run in and turn on the lights and televisions and even stock the fridge with beer from local breweries.”

Texoma Destinations on Lake Texoma offers a Tiny Home Village at Sundance Camp and Kasitas at Paradise on Lake Texoma, which offer heating and air conditioning, electricity, water, firepits and even outdoor kitchens. Ms. Garvin shares, “Our Sundance Camp property is perfect for couples looking for romantic getaways, companies and groups of friends. We have seven cabins in our Tiny Home Village, and each cabin is themed and decorated. Once booked at Sundance Camp, guests can complete a preference sheet to help the team determine the best experiences for you.” 

On the shores of Lake Grapevine, visitors can seek a new, remote lakefront experience tucked away on a private peninsula at Paradise Cove’s glamping yurt. Paradise Cove features its own fire pit, a private bathroom, a queen-size bed, mini-fridge and more. The team can even customize a romantic getaway! Being within close proximity to downtown Grapevine, glampers can take part in wine trails or eat at local restaurants.

There is nothing more nostalgic than climbing up into a treehouse perched within the large branches of a sturdy tree. At Treehouse Utopia, located in Utopia, Texas (outside of San Antonio), guests can have the ultimate glamping experience in any of the many hand-built luxury treehouses located throughout the property. And these treehouses are not just a few slabs of wood nailed together to create a fort – they are actual houses built around the sturdy trees that support them. Elegant wooden stairs lead guests up into the air to their new home away from home … complete with electricity and WiFi! Since the treehouses are built for two people, this might be a great “vacation from your vacation,” perfect for mom and dad to get away. With a nearby river, golf, shopping, Garner State Park and the Laurel Tree restaurant, there are more than enough activities to keep you entertained. 

So, why not add some glam to your spring or summer getaway this year? Just imagine kids happily hiking, boating or horseback riding and Mom and Dad visiting a winery or brewery. Adventures both near and further down the road can be as glamourous as they are exciting, and accommodations are as unique as the experiences that await your family this Spring Break on your personalized glam-cation!