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Country Chic

Mar 01, 2020 ● By Allie Spletter

The Star in Frisco has made quite a name for itself as the place to be for unique entertainment attractions and culinary experiences. Trophy Park, a full-service restaurant and sports lounge, is the latest to join The Star’s notable restaurant line-up. Its uniquely upscale charm brings with it an eclectic food and drink menu, an amazing space to watch a football game, bowl a few frames or have a great time with friends. 

Trophy Park features American cuisine in the form of modern comfort food as its farm-fresh, healthy items and cooked-to-order options make for Instagram-worthy plates and bites. The upscale sports lounge caters to families and friends who want to come out to the bowling lanes and arcade cubbies, enjoy bocce ball or show off their golf skills on an outdoor putting green. It is a place where patrons can enjoy not only mouth-watering food items, but anything from bottle service and exceptional cocktails to giant shareable drinks for brunch, lunch or dinner.

The sports lounge’s layout is an open concept with a full bar, high-top bar seating, a dining area and even a small stage for live music. The back of the restaurant is dedicated to bowling, playing table football, watching the game or hanging out on the patio. While the bowling lanes and games are the center of the fun, it is easy to see there was a lot of thought that went into both the design and décor of the space as, upon entering, patrons are enveloped into an elegantly comfortable space that is as much fun to look at as it is to experience. The vibe is truly a blend of country chic, modern industrial and classy comfort, and gorgeous plush, leather, tufted stools adorn the high-top bar tables. Oversized booths line the middle of the restaurant and those subtle hints of country chic décor come through in the form of large mounted game animals, sparkling antler chandeliers and giant vintage turbine vent fixtures over the bowling alley area. The elegant and comfortable vibe extends outdoors to three extensive patios that are outfitted with heating and games. 

My husband, Zach, and I visited on a weeknight and were seated after somewhat of a wait by a smiling host. This gave us an amazing view of the oversized television board with multiple screens, as well as everything else going on at Trophy Park that night. Guests enjoyed drinks and bites at the bar, and a large party occupied the bowling lanes just past the small stage. We could hear pins crashing and joyous whoops of excitement from bowlers. Though the bowling aspect does add to the noise level of the restaurant, it was not overwhelming, and we actually enjoyed hearing all of the fun being had. The atmosphere was relatively low-key for a weeknight (minus the energetic bowlers), but it is easy to see that the entire bar, restaurant, patios and entertainment spaces easily transform to an adult playground after hours for those coming in for a night out or for a nightcap after dinner. Since the restaurant has an amazing personality of its own, it offers a true melting pot of ambience, character and style. 

Our server was warm, inviting and wonderfully knowledgeable about the menu, even offering suggestions and popular items for each course. Trophy Park has an extensive and creative cocktail menu that made making a decision on what to try quite difficult! The drink menu has selections in the form of original cocktails, shareable cocktails, beer on tap, bottles/cans of beer, beertails and even a great little mocktails menu. Our waitress let us know all about the Mi Vida Loca, which features peanut butter whiskey, the Game Thyme, which is a play on a Moscow Mule, and the G.O.A.T., which features cucumber vodka. Zach went with the Game Thyme and it proved to be a refreshing, crisp mix of flavors that was an honorable nod to the classic Moscow Mule. The grapefruit juice and thyme simple syrup really brought forth unique, elevated flavors, and its presentation was classic with a sprig of thyme. I opted for the G.O.A.T., and its name lived up to its flavors and presentation. Our waitress brought the G.O.A.T. to the table and the dry ice within the drink made for an exciting and fun presentation, especially as the white fog the dry ice gives off danced upwards out of the drink. This really drew attention from around the restaurant! The G.O.A.T.’s flavors were simple, yet well-developed, and the cucumber was not too overwhelming, which I appreciated.

We took a bit to peruse the menu. Many of the dishes feature smoked influences and subtle plays on modern comfort food. As we browsed the appetizers, the waitress suggested the Trash Can Nachos or Asada Fries, if we were looking for a hearty app, and said that the Kung Pao Cauliflower and Crispy Brussel Sprouts were fan favorites in the form of lighter appetizers. Ever the Tex-Mex lovers we are, Zach and I decided to give the Trash Can Nachos a try (I was honestly intrigued by the name) and we were surprised by an awesome presentation and amazing flavors. The round platter, which was a little bigger than a large dinner plate, featured a silver oversized can (think of a huge soup can without the label on it). She placed the platter on the table and picked up the can with both hands from the top. A mix of chips, refried beans, queso, grilled chicken, guacamole, crema, fresh onions and jalapeno cascaded down onto the platter, making for both an exciting presentation and an amazing twist on an old classic dish. Admittedly, we had as much fun eating it all as we did watching her pick the can up and seeing it all fall down onto the plate into the glorious heap of fresh flavors and colors. Trophy Park’s appetizer menu also features selections like a charcuterie board, tuna poke, bone marrow, confit pot stickers and east coast oysters. 

Though already full from the nachos, we were excited to hear about “Handhelds” and “Main Events” on the menu. What we enjoyed about the menu selections was the variety … anything from traditional bar food to upscale, elevated dishes. Of the Handhelds, we were told the Asada Tacos, the Hot Chicken Sandwich (literally hot, not necessarily spicy hot) and the classic Patty Melt are all popular picks. The Main Events on the menu feature Asian Blackened Salmon, Half Smoked Chicken, a Ribeye, Steak Frites and a New York Strip and truffle fries. For those wanting a truly exceptional culinary experience, Trophy Park offers its “Hail Marys,” a Tomahawk Ribeye, The Platter, which is comprised of a large mix of meats and bites, and even a Whole King Crab! Zach ultimately chose the Asada Tacos and they came with plantain chips that were light and crispy. He reported that the beef was tender and flavorful, and the freshness of the cilantro, onions and guacamole melded the flavors together to create amazing bites. Ever the meat and potatoes girl, I chose the Smoked Chicken that came with crispy herb potatoes and I was not disappointed. Served on a simple round platter, the presentation was deceptive, as I had no idea of the flavors I was about to encounter. The chicken was served with the skin on and a sweet glaze atop the skin that made for incredibly appetizing sweet and savory bites. Tender, perfectly-cooked and full of smoked flavor, the chicken was complimented by those crisp herb potatoes. It was the kind of dish I knew I would think about until I could get back for more. Zach even snuck his fork across the table a couple of times to get bites from my plate, which caused an inconspicuous fork fight to ensue.

Since the restaurant is still somewhat new to the local dining scene, we did experience a bit of a wait between courses once we were seated. However, we felt sure these are things that will be worked out as the team continues to work out their process.

The menu also has daily specials available from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. that include $5 margaritas and $8 tacos on Tuesdays, $1 wings on Wednesdays and $2 mimosas on Saturdays (hello, brunch)! As a nod to their talented chef and a kitchen staff that works hard to prepare dishes, Trophy Park even lets patrons say “thanks” to the kitchen by sending them a beer or a shot, a unique notion that we thought was a great idea. Trophy Park is truly a distinctive one-stop shop for customers, as it offers a multitude of experiences dependent upon whether guests are looking to eat an amazing meal, try new and creative cocktails, hang with friends to watch the game or to work on their bowling form or foosball table cred. It is easy to tell that the chef is masterful in his attention to detail and the dishes offered allow visitors to choose from a host of both classic and inventive options that are sure to make anyone from the pickiest eater to the most serious foodie happy. The swanky, comfortable atmosphere is as inviting as it is exciting, and this new fun-for-all spot fits right in at The Star.

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