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Daniel Stein

Feb 25, 2020 ● By Frisco STYLE

At a young age, Daniel Stein was diagnosed with severe ADHD and put on medication. He remembers, “My parents decided to enroll me in sports, and they started noticing an improvement in my behavior and ability to focus. Eventually, they bought me a gym membership to the YMCA, where I discovered my passion for fitness.”

Mr. Stein’s mentor suggested he become a personal trainer to focus on helping children and adults with special needs, considering his background with ADHD and passion for fitness. “I was inspired by what fitness could do to help those who face physical or mental challenges,” he shares.

So, Mr. Stein started Special Strong, which provides nutrition and adapted fitness for special needs children, adolescents and adults with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities. They take a unique approach to fitness by using behavior therapy techniques combined with brain integration exercises. The company offers online courses that do not require fitness experience for parents and professionals to learn how to implement fitness with the special needs population.

Special Strong services Frisco at several different gym locations, making it one of the largest areas the company helps the special needs population.

Of his legacy and mark on the community, Mr. Stein feels the biggest thing he is able to give others is hope.