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Charlie Wendell

Feb 10, 2020 ● By Frisco STYLE

Local Charlie Wendell has always been passionate about Jesus, people and music. Years ago, after working for a record label, she felt that somehow all the money, fame and resources could be utilized to help make a difference in the community. “I began working on a business plan that centered on a music festival that traveled across the world, and life literally took me across the world to Ethiopia. Before Melody of Hope came to life, I made a commitment to move to Africa for 10 months to do mission work. It turned out to be a blessing because I got to see what it was like to live in immense poverty without hope. When I returned to the states, I met my husband, Austin, and he helped me edit a business plan to bring Melody of Hope to life. We received a lot of support from this community, especially Frisco Arts, and that is why we are still here!” she shares.

Melody of Hope partners with nonprofit organizations to raise funds, while also becoming a voice and advocate for each charity’s cause. “Our priorities and project funding is based on the needs of the community that provide things like support to low income families, educational opportunities, spiritual and mental counseling, economic development, healthcare, job training, support for wounded warriors, resources to help end sex trafficking, autism awareness and more,” Ms. Wendell explains. “Ultimately, our true hope and the reason we exist is found in our foundational truth, which is built upon the melody of the Gospel that gives a hopeful future to all. We just want to serve God and our community by rocking out one concert at a time!”

Melody of Hope aides organizations by building and hosting live music programs at events in the community that are already working to make a difference. “Through these events (which are no cost to partner charities), we are able to become an ambassador for these nonprofit organizations and provide artists with a stage to display their talent,” Ms. Wendell says. “It is great to be involved with a growing arts community working towards highlighting all the incredible talent in our city.”