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Event Centers in Frisco

Jan 01, 2020 ● By Allie Spletter

Weddings, galas, corporate meetings, professional development conferences and wedding and baby showers are all significant and exciting events in the lives of those who host and participate. For many, hosting events is a way to show others how much they care or to celebrate a milestone, while others host events for educational and corporate diners, lunches or even fundraising. 

Over the years, all of these types of events have become more popular, while interesting and unique local spaces in which to hold such events have too. Frisco event spaces allow clients hosting events to put their best foot forward with the help of venue staff, resulting in venues evolving to meet client and event needs. 

While local entertainment venues such as the Frisco Convention Center have been around for quite some time, new event centers in Frisco have become wildly successful by catering to very specific client needs and versatile offerings. Verona Villa, Frisco Hall and Magnolia Terrace have all made names for themselves in Frisco as they cater to all capacities, no matter the event! 

Magnolia Terrace

Magnolia Terrace, a secret garden in the heart of Frisco, is an incredibly enchanting venue for weddings, celebrations and other unique events. Corrine Mitchell with Magnolia Terrace says their one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor spaces are what set the venue apart. “Those spaces make for fabulous photo opportunities, are intimate and private and provide lots of ambiance. We only book one event at a time, so people have exclusive use of all the areas – indoor and outdoor. We have an open vendor policy that allows people to choose their own vendors and even bring in their own food and beverages. We do not charge vendor fees for vendors that are not on our recommended vendor list. People love having that freedom of choice.” 

The venue’s uniqueness lies in features clients will not find at other venues, which include three different water features, a small vineyard, a bridge, a multitude of twinkle lighting and draping, arches, stonework and 32 magnolia trees that produce amazingly fragrant flowers. Ms. Mitchell says, “Our gardens are always green and lush year-round and our reception room is surrounded by glass and looks onto the gardens on all sides. We have tons of birds and butterflies that love the garden too!” 

Magnolia Terrace values personal service as it is a family-owned business and very hands-on for every event. ​Admittedly, there are endless complexities to owning a business, especially one that caters to client needs, but Ms. Mitchell admits that Magnolia Terrace’s biggest challenge is getting people to leave events on time! “Once they are here, they find it so relaxing and enjoyable that they do not want to leave. It is a lot of work keeping everything looking fabulous (and long hours), but we love what we do and put our heart and soul into every event,” she says. 

Though many hosting events, no matter the occasion, look for grand ballrooms and incredible, open spaces, Ms. Mitchell says they often hear that people want a smaller venue that feels more intimate for up to 100 guests. “A lot of other venues look alike,” she explains. “We do not have the look and feel of a lot of other event centers. We have our own unique style and ambiance, and our corporate customers love the privacy and creative environment which is ideal for training seminars and team-building events. They love that we provide an alternative to the ‘boring meeting rooms.’” 

Ms. Mitchell and her staff love Frisco and that they are located at the center of the new future downtown development. She explains, “We have been in the event business in downtown Frisco for nine years, and although we love meeting all the new people moving here, we are also well-known among locals. We have lived in Frisco for 20 years now, raised our children here and love it. It is such a family-friendly city with such an amazing future. We are super excited about all the developments right in our Rail District.”   

Frisco Hall

If grand is what event hosts are looking for, Frisco Hall – The Event Center is an amazing new option for occasions of all kinds. Frisco Hall, which boasts a grand double staircase and a large ballroom among other notable areas, is truly a full-service venue that offers ample space, equipment, audio/visual options, servers and staff, as well as liquid and food catering. Of what sets the venue apart, Rachel Hendrix, the director of sales and marketing and new business partnership/development shares, “We have invested a generous amount into our AV system to be innovative and forward-trending for the use of technology with all types and styles of events. We can offer premium sound for concerts, lighting décor and programming, image magnification as well as live streaming and video recording abilities.” 

Frisco Hall is able to shape and mold itself into what clients and guests need whether for networking events, cocktail hours, company parties, conferences, weddings, showers, theme parties, and even concerts, graduations, auctions and fundraisers. Given that it is such a full-scale venue, there are complexities to running and operating a space that gives guests optimal experiences. Of the complexities Ms. Hendrix and her staff handle, she explains that staffing quality people (through third parties), adequate communications between all departments, proper disposal of massive amounts of trash and recyclables which accumulate, linens to be cleaned and pressed daily, regular organization and inventory check of proper storage for all the necessary equipment to fully function are at the forefront of the complex responsibilities they share. While needs are ever-changing and no two events are the same, Ms. Hendrix says Frisco Hall often hears that location, size and all that comes with room rental price are important aspects prospective clients consider. She explains, “A lot of venues are becoming more competitive with including complimentary items, which would normally cost a chunk of one’s event budget.” 

Frisco Hall is a one-stop-shop for any event idea or need as they continually evolve to make unforgettable events for local clients.

Verona Villa

Verona Villa transports guests across the globe with its European ambience and Tuscan-inspired building and gardens. Constructed of Italian stone, a barrel tile roof and wrought iron accents, Verona Villa offers two expansive rooms that are fully-adaptable for any event. Jason Young, the owner of Verona Villa, believes this stunning environment is what sets it apart from others. “We wanted a space that was inspiring to people and that was not just a typical, conventional ballroom space,” he explains. From award nights, casino nights, galas, weddings and more, the team at Verona Villa offers coordination services that are all-encompassing in respect to building the perfect event for clients. 

As with any event center or venue, daily operations and coordination of events are not without their share of problem-solving and growth in regard to how the team works to better the venue and their services. Mr. Young shares, “What is exciting is the diversity of the types of events we get to be a part of. We have a church that uses our venue for their services on Sundays, and on any Friday night, we might have a wedding or corporate event, and any or all of such events could be of any different faith or tradition. Nonprofits have raised more than $2 million through events here in the last three years, so it is all exciting to be a part of.” 

The team at Verona Villa works to make every event perfect for clients. Oftentimes, that comes with a bit of education on the client’s part as Mr. Young admits that, sometimes clients come in without even knowing what they want or need for their event! “You know, oddly enough, people do not know what they are looking for! We have to educate them a lot of the time on what it takes to put on an event and especially how we can make it easier for them given that we help with every aspect,” Mr. Young says. 

Though Verona Villa is still quite young, it has very much grown as the team has worked to adapt and serve diverse cultures. “Fortunately, our way of doing things was always positioned to be able to adapt, especially given that Frisco has become more diverse in every way. We do a lot of events like the Diwali Festival or a Muslim wedding, which all have different elements, aspects, processes and requirements. For us, learning about the various needs for such events on a cultural standpoint has been valuable. We have also recently developed a school banquet/booster club package to accommodate those types of groups and their events as well,” Mr. Young explains. 

Frisco has long been on the fast-track of innovation and adaptability, and these respective event venues have very much kept up with Frisco’s pace, continuing to produce innovative, memorable and unique events! Their futures remain as bright as the ideas their clients bring in, and they continue to prove just how valuable their services and spaces are in the lives of those looking to host the event of a lifetime.