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Larry Lewis

Dec 10, 2019 ● By Frisco STYLE

About five years ago, Mr. Larry Lewis, or “the handwavin’ man,” as he is called around his neighborhood, began brightening the lives of countless people by simply sitting in his driveway and waving at those who drove and walked by.

Mr. Lewis is a staple in his neighborhood near Bright Elementary where he fill the hearts of little ones and adults. He encourages kids walking to school and anyone who drives by his home. His genuine smile, neighborly wave and overall positivity has touched the hearts of so many.

Mr. Lewis is from Gainesville, Texas, where he graduated high school in 1972 and later went on to Cook County Junior College before volunteering for the U.S. Navy. He served two-and-a-half years on an ammo ship before being stationed at Port Chicago. Mr. Lewis played basketball for the Seventh Fleet, was a fireman by trade and was later discharged in July 1975 from Treasure Island Navy Base in Calif. He then pursued work with the government in Oakland, Calif. at the U.S. Post Office from 1977 to 1984 and then transferred to Richmond, Calif. He retired in 2004 and moved to Okla. He met his best friend and caregiver, Delois, about seven or eight years ago and liked Frisco, so he moved here!

Mr. Lewis brings so much joy to the neighborhood and community around him. His friendly waves have not only made the days of many, but he has also been blessed by those he has connected with.