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Hostess with the Mostest

Dec 01, 2019 ● By Christine Perrenot

There is nothing quite like the joy of attending a holiday party and celebrating the joy that accompanies this season. Most of the time, people are in a more cheerful mood and ready to let their hair down! Hosting a holiday party or get together is, to some, their favorite thing to do this time of year. Some hosts have their signature recipes memorized by heart, their Christmas playlist ready and all their presents purchased, wrapped and adorned with a perfect bow sitting beneath a Pottery Barn® catalog-worthy tree. Receiving a coveted invitation to one of these shindigs is an annual tradition for a party-planner’s friends and loved ones. However, some people may be overwhelmed by the daunting task of decorating, cooking, entertaining and doing everything that is required to become the “hostess with the mostest!” 

While some hosts may choose to feature live music, a chef or a photographer, others may put their focus on the cocktail hour of the evening. From planning a menu of delicious treats and unique entertainment to decorating every inch of your home, there are also small “party tricks” and details anyone can take advantage of to make the creative portion of the party planning process just a little bit easier. 

Take local Krystal Wells, for example. She became an independent wine consultant with Scout & Cellar® Clean-Crafted Wine after being gifted a bottle during the holidays a couple of years ago. “It was love at first sip!” she shares. “I could not be more proud to represent such a delicious product!”

As anyone who may have over-indulged in holiday libations in the past is sure to have discovered, the ingredients in mass-produced wine can be a little surprising – the biggest surprise being that there is no ingredient list on most bottles of wine. Lurking in most bottles are synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and sugar. However, Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine is composed of just grapes – there are no pesticides, additives, preservatives or sugar added (now that is something for you and your party guests celebrate)! Providing your party guests with organic beverage options might just be the special detail that helps make your party one to remember!

Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine introduces new wine varietals seasonally. With all the celebrating we tend to take part in during the holiday season, those who love a glass or two of wine can drink clean-crafted wine with confidence knowing they will wake up the next day feeling great. You also will not be adding any more sugar to your diet during the yummiest time of the year.

This Christmas, you can give your guests more than a typical vegetable or cheese platter and really pop the cork on some great times and memories. Guests may also enjoy cider, eggnog and champagne around this time of year. Always remember, the best party trick in the book is to plan ahead and help guests choose designated drivers or utilize car services to get home safely. 

Scout & Cellar holiday gift sets are available at With the group gifting service, you can even submit large-quantity holiday orders to be sent to multiple addresses. Get more information or learn more about incorporating Scout and Cellar wines into your holiday parties, gift-giving or wish list at Your holiday get-together just might be the talk of the town!