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Frisco Pediatric Dentistry

Oct 30, 2019 ● By Frisco STYLE


Compensation and rewards allow business owners to operate at the top of their game with teams that are happy to work toward company goals while supporting each other. Along with satisfied customers, happy, driven and well-taken-care-of employees are why Frisco Pediatric Dentistry has earned the Best of Business award for Compensation and Rewards.

Dr. Diane Lide of Frisco Pediatric Dentistry ensures her business’ compensation and rewards are competitive by gathering information about market pay rates nationally and locally. Internet searches provide a range of salaries for dental office jobs, and Dr. Lide places her pay rates between the 80-90th percentile, depending on the employee’s level of experience and prior knowledge of the job. “I stay competitive with my rewards programs by making sure my team is rewarded in several ways, multiple times throughout the year. I work hard to routinely provide rewards for my employees that include lunch at one or two of our monthly meetings, team lunch and cake on every birthday, cards of appreciation for employees, and I just implemented a bonus system based on a collection of numbers. I take the team to continuing education each year and occasionally allow them to leave early with pay if all necessary work is done. Each August and December, the team enjoys a paid fun day which has included manicures and pedicures, movies, pottery classes, shopping sprees, etc. I know I cannot do my job without my team, and I try to reward them in any way I can,” Dr. Lide shares.