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Frisco Family Vision

Oct 30, 2019 ● By Frisco STYLE


Frisco Family Vision makes customer feedback a priority, which is why they were chosen for the Best of Business award in Performance Feedback.

Dr. Dana Biederman explains, “Our top priority is our patients. We will do what is necessary to exceed their expectations. Patients are the ones who continue to drive our business with their family and friend referrals, and referrals from previous patients are our best source, along with advertisements and insurance panels, to gain patients.”

Frisco Family Vision continually measures improvement against the previous day, previous patient encounters and the demands placed upon their business. The team believes they have to improve from each patient to be the very best. “We try to improve by listening more to our patients and explaining benefits, treatment, knowledge of frames, styles and contacts prior to being seen. Receiving outstanding reviews and feedback helps us know what we are doing right. Anytime we hear negative remarks, we have team meetings to address those issues. We also have an internal review system that allows patients to leave reviews anonymously,” Dr. Biederman shares.