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Nathan Biamont

Aug 29, 2019 ● By Frisco STYLE

Nathan Biamont is a 15-year Frisco resident and IT professional with Baylor Scott & White. Within the community, Mr. Biamont and his family support Frisco Arts and the Reedy High School orchestra.

“Last spring, my wife and I enjoyed a weekend at Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Mo., and the views were spectacular. Ever since, I have felt compelled to share a piece of the Ozarks,” Mr. Biamont shares about his desire to enter this year’s Cover Photo Contest.

He adds, “Photography is very much an amateur endeavor for me. I enjoy seeing how others capture and bring to life moments we can all share. My goal is to enjoy life and to capture the simple things along the way that may otherwise be forgotten.”

Check out the photo Mr. Biamont submitted in the August issue of Frisco STYLE!