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Frisco STYLE Magazine

Rod Schaefer

May 31, 2019 ● By Frisco STYLE

Frisco is home to amazing restaurants that open their arms to host and feed countless families. Pizzeria Testa, a local Italian gem, invites guests and its team to feel like part of the Testa family.

Owner Rod Schaefer’s Italian family roots are the inspiration for the business, as it is a tribute to his family and grandparents who welcomed so many to gather around their kitchen table for home-cooked meals and conversation. Mr. Schaefer explains, “My grandparents’ house was always a place to enjoy amazing food. The home was always bustling with life and full of passion, and that is what I have always wanted and hoped the restaurant would be.”

Since opening in 2012, the team exists to give back. “Our goal is to support the community both inside and outside our location in any way we can. We give back to nonprofits, ministries, churches, schools, hospitals, orphans, rescue animal centers, etc.,” Mr. Schaefer says.

Mr. Schaefer says the success of the restaurant is due to their hardworking, big-hearted, loyal team. “All I can do is thank God that He has blessed us with the opportunity to know and serve Frisco. The culture and values on which we are based mean everything to us,” he shares.