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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Nov 30, 2018 ● By Frisco STYLE





Frisco STYLE asked readers to share on Facebook how their families decorate for the holidays every year, whether that is with outdoor lights, a fabulous tree or a stunning, over-the-top Christmas display. We are excited to share photos of some of our favorite local decorations!



Congratulationsto Scott Anderson, the winner of the $200 Hobby Lobby gift card. 

“I have been decorating the Jeep since 2013. My Jeep club participates in Christmas parades for local cities, so I decorate the Jeep right after Thanksgiving and leave it that way until after Christmas. I love how folks take photos of the Jeep, pull alongside while driving and ask to stop for photos. I have had hundreds of folks take photos and I love the kids’ reactions when they see it,” says Mr. Anderson.

Thanks for helping spread holiday cheer in Frisco!