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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Nov 01, 2018 ● By Christine Perrenot

Just for a moment, imagine it is finally the weekend. It has been a long week and you wake up Saturday morning relieved to be able to take your time and relax for a couple days. The only thing missing as you roll out of bed and into your favorite pair of slippers is the smell of fresh biscuits, bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. Luckily, that is where Maple Street Biscuit Company can step in and help make Saturday the best day of the week.

Open in Frisco since July, this cozy breakfast, brunch and lunch establishment is bringing a new twist on the traditional. Located at 3288 Main Street #111, in Frisco (close to Hurts Donuts), Maple Street Biscuit Company is quickly becoming one of the best spots to grab a morning or early afternoon bite. From glowing endorsements from the Food Network to its stellar reputation across various cities and states, the restaurant knows how to deliver the boldest flavors and the most unique combinations of classic (and not so classic) breakfast staples.

Recently, on a rainy Saturday morning, I met my mom at Maple Street Biscuit Company so we could check out what all the hype was about! Upon our arrival, we were kindly greeted by the co-founder, Gus Evans. He told us all about his favorite menu items and even gave us the run-down on food we might want to try during our first visit. 

We got in line and perused the lengthy menu with dishes that feature fresh, natural and homemade ingredients. The menu has many takes on biscuit and gravy combinations, including some with fried chicken, bacon, eggs and so much more. (There are even vegetarian options)! With a variety of waffles, southern sides, breakfast bowls and salads, there is a little something on the menu for everyone.

As far as the restaurant’s atmosphere goes, the establishment, regardless of location, tries to blend into being part of the community. The interior definitely achieves that look and feel, thanks to the welcoming environment and staff. After a very short wait, we placed our order with the friendly cashier. The restaurant asks fun, random questions and uses your personalized answer as the name for your order. We were asked what street we grew up on and that became the name to listen to as an alert that our food was ready.

My coffee came out first … very quickly after placing the order! The Maple Vanilla Latte, which I ordered warm (but can also be ordered iced) was absolutely delicious. The smooth texture of the drink offered a roasted flavor and a much-needed dose of caffeine. On a day that finally felt like fall, this was a great addition to enhance the mood. The restaurant also serves locally-roasted coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and other hot or cold drink options.

To start our meal off the right way, we ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes to share. I love the combination of the fried exterior with such a flavorful vegetable. The fried tomatoes were piping hot and made even better after dipped in a little ranch dressing. Personally, I think if you are going to be eating a Southern, home-style meal, you might as well go all out and really make it count. So, we did! We also shared the Firebird biscuit that features fried chicken covered in buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing. The only word I know to use to describe this dish is “unbelievable.” I am a huge fan of all things that contain that certain buffalo chicken zestiness, so combining that bold flavor with a fluffy and flaky biscuit was an out-of-this-world combination.

For my meal, I ordered the Five and Dime biscuit from the “Bicuits That Wow” portion of the menu. This flaky, warm biscuit was stuffed with a very generous portion of fried chicken, pecan wood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese that oozed out of the side of the sandwich. Sausage gravy, that was slightly spicy, was lathered on top of the large biscuit. It probably goes without saying, but I ate every single bite.

My mom tried the Sweet Grace chocolate chip waffle, which was topped with large red strawberries, a dollop of whipped cream and powdered sugar. The waffle looked so colorful and sweet on the plate. After she took the first bite, I could tell it was going to be something to write home about.

I cannot brag enough about how attentive and kind the staff was. We were asked multiple times how everything tasted and made to feel right at home. Maple Street Biscuit Company is the kind of place where you can meet someone for a quick bite or take your time, stay a while and catch up over a cup of coffee. The restaurant, which has multiple stores, but does not consider itself a franchise, strives to do for others what the Lord has done for them. Each location wants to be a gathering place that reminds people they are important to their community. It is obvious that the staff wants to get to know guests and helps them get to know each other. Maple Street Biscuit Company’s goal is to be part of the Frisco community for years to come and to help provide a relaxing and inviting setting for the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The Frisco location is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. You can order food online and pick up your hot meal at that restaurant. Check out the full menu or learn more about Maple Street Biscuit Company at Full disclosure: if you are currently hungry, you should not look at the food photos online … they will only make your mouth water and your belly growl! 

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