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Blending a Community

Sep 01, 2018 ● By Stephen Hunt

One appetizing byproduct of Frisco’s tremendous growth is more dining and drink destinations popping up everywhere you look. And when it comes to coffee, the beloved beverage of choice for so many, the local coffee scene has never been more vibrant. 

Frisco now offers an abundance of unique spots to grab a cup and/or something yummy to eat, where customers can sit and soak up the vibe, often visiting with other residents and neighbors. There is a kind of community formed within every local coffee joint, especially here in Frisco. And each spot has developed its own niche through its particular products, attention to customer service and commitment to serving the community with friendliness and a warm cup of pure joy. 

What’s in a Name?

In April 2017, former Marine Ajay Sharma opened Salubrious Juice & More at the corner of Hillcrest and Rolater Roads, as a 100 percent organic spot for smoothies, coffee and healthy food. 

How did he arrive at the name “salubrious,” which means health-giving? The inspiration came from a word of the day app. “It said it meant promoting health and I was like, ‘Wow, such a beautiful word. I had never heard of it. It is very unique and it sounds amazing.’”

Signs at Salubrious say “good vibes only,” and with furniture built by a local artisan, walls painted by local students, a fountain, soothing plants and autographed items on the walls, Mr. Sharma has successfully created a soothing environment for his clientele that is full of local charm. 

“I thought we should make this a place where people can come in and relax. They can forget about the drama in their lives … anything that is stressing them out. We focused on creating some good energy. We want to make sure we are striving to give our community healthier options, but when they come in, they feel relaxed and good about themselves,” says Mr. Sharma.

As for coffee, a popular offering is No Crash Coffee, which features coconut oil and hemp seeds and is similar to Bulletproof Coffee, which is popular with CEOs and high-level athletes because it provides energy and helps cognitive functions.

A Focus on Giving Back 

In March 2009, Global Peace Factory opened on Legacy Drive near Texas State Highway 121, making this small, yet bustling spot of town the elder statesman of Frisco coffee. 

Like many businesses, its name encapsulates its mission. “We are trying to manufacture peace through coffee,” Krystal Herrington, the owner, says. “That is what sets us apart. Last year, one of our most wonderful customers passed away of a sudden heart attack, so we gave our money to the American Heart Association.” In addition to lending a helping hand when needed, Global Peace Factory donates two percent of its annual profits to charity.

Ms. Herrington credits her staff for their success. “What makes us stand out is my staff and my absolute dedication to quality and service. I have a remarkable staff that is completely dedicated to every single time a drink or food item leaves here, it’s perfect,” she shares. 

Global Peace Factory features Italian coffee roasted at 475 degrees, but its most unique item is a brown sugar latte.

Another reason for Global Peace Factory’s longevity is a strong bond with their customers. “We know everybody’s name. We know their drink. I always tell my people and myself, treat everybody like it is their first time here,” Ms. Herrington says. “It is all about the people around you, and I could not do it without them.”

A Rare Niche

Who could envision combining coffee with board games? The masterminds behind Nerdvana, which opened in June 2016 on Main Street across from Toyota Stadium, have found a unique way to bring neighbors and friends together around a table. Nerdvana features one area for coffee and another for spirits and late-night revelry. The constant for both is an ample supply of board games for customers to play to heighten their enjoyment and spend quality time together. 

“Nerdvana is actually a board game-themed coffee shop. We are bringing a really new taste of coffee and board games to Frisco,” says Braden Flores, the Nerdvana general manager. “It really is a great spot for people to come together, enjoy coffee and bond over a multitude of things. We want everybody to have a great time, and I think we do a pretty good job of doing that. Nerdvana is great for nerds, gamers and businesspeople alike.”

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters roasts much of Nerdvana’s coffee, but a different guest coffee is featured each quarter. Not surprisingly, iced lattes are big sellers during the summer. However, Nerdvana’s true signature beverage is its sipping chocolate. 

Where Every Day is Summer

Located on Main Street in the Rail District, Summer Moon Coffee has been a part of downtown’s resurgence since its March 2017 opening. Summer Moon started in 2002 in Austin, but, in just over a year, the Frisco location has quickly become a must-visit for local and visiting coffee fans.

The inside and outdoor seating area is always full of people stopping in before work, studying, working on a project or just catching up with friends. It is a place where everyone knows everyone’s names. Part of that appeal is the customer service and wood-fired coffee.

Summer Moon’s trademark item is their Moon Milk, a proprietary blended sweet addition that can be added to your drink at varying amounts, according to how sweet you want it.

“Moon Milk is amazing,” says Colleen Samuels, the manager of Summer Moon Coffee. “A little more sweet, it is more like a dessert. A little less sweet, it is more like a beverage. The foundation is the wood-fired roasted coffee. All the beans are good quality, and it is all about the quality.” 

Any time of day, Summer Moon features a great cross section of Frisco residents, whether it is businesspeople, families or young adults getting together to socialize over coffee and maybe a snack. Besides an impressive array of coffee-themed drinks, Summer Moon also offers great food, including breakfast tacos. 

Regardless of whether you are craving a cappuccino, a latte, a macchiato or maybe even something a bit more exotic, there is a local coffee spot here in Frisco sure to satisfy your needs. Many of us are so busy, that we order our coffee to go so we can get everything on our to-do list accomplished. However, the best thing about each of these coffee shops is that they not only serve up outstanding coffee with a side of great customer service, but they also encourage their customers to pull up a chair and stay a while … creating a great space for community to grow.

In this day and age, when we all seem to be overextended and stressed out, relaxing more is a practice we can and should all get behind, and what better way to relax than to stop and smell the coffee?