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Taco 'Bout Delicious

Aug 01, 2018 ● By Allie Spletter

Whether you are a native Texan or you got here as fast as you could, it is widely-known that Texans love colloquialisms. Pair colloquialisms with Mexican food and you have just about outdone yourself! One of my personal favorites that has blown up on social media in recent years is “feed me tacos and tell me I am pretty.” This cheeky little line is literally what I text my husband, Zach, when it has been too long since our last quest for great Mexican food. My best friend, Katie, and I even comically describe our friendship to others claiming, “We go together like chips and queso!” Many culinary experiences in the South are centered around Mexican food, and Frisco does not disappoint with its vast selection of amazing Mexican restaurants, both big and small. If you know Frisco, you know we love family-owned and operated businesses and restaurants, and Mezcal Taco has recently joined Frisco’s culinary scene delivering the freshest ingredients and big, homemade flavors. 

Zach and I visited this dining destination on a hot summer evening and were greeted by a warm smile from Viri at the register, located toward the back of the restaurant. Upon entering, patrons are immediately welcomed into a clean, modern space with great Mexican style and aromas of fresh ingredients being made to order. My personal favorite part of the space was the gorgeous tiled floor that really gives the restaurant flair as authentic as the Mexican food it serves. The walls are lined with booths, while a few four and six-top tables make up the middle of the dining space. Four televisions are situated on the walls throughout the dining space and tables are simply decorated with flowers in glass Topo Chico® mineral water bottles -- a nod to the understated, but well-appointed, Mexican-inspired decorations throughout the space. 

Customers order at the counter and employees bring orders out, so head on to the counter when you arrive to learn more about the menu! Viri was fabulous and happy to answer all our questions about the menu, which offers everything from tacos and burritos to bowls and quesadillas, salads and desserts. In addition to their made-from-scratch dishes loaded with flavor, Mezcal Taco serves margaritas and beer and has happy hour specials Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m. offering $3 Sauza® frozen margaritas, $3 domestic beers and $4 imported beer. At the counter where customers order, there is a wonderfully-colorful and eclectic selection of fresh toppings for tacos, burritos, bowls, etc., from which customers can choose to dress up their orders. Protein choices range from grilled steak, chicken and pork to a couple of veggie options. In short, you pick your main dish, pick your protein and then pick all the toppings! 

After much deliberation and genuine conversation with Viri, she happily took our order at the counter and we started with two margaritas and chips and queso (there is no such thing as trying a new Mexican food restaurant and not trying the chips and queso). Zach decided on the Taco Plate, comprised of two tacos of his choice and rice and beans. He chose one Asada Angus Steak taco, or grilled angus steak (a customer favorite), and one Adobado taco, which is grilled chicken marinated in Mezcal Taco’s adobo sauce. When ordering tacos, patrons can choose between house-made corn or flour tortillas, and Zach chose flour. However, the authentic corn tortillas are apparently very popular. Zach topped his steak and chicken tacos with white onion, cilantro, jalapenos and cheese.

Since Zach chose to try the tacos, I went with an Asada Steak Bowl that did not disappoint. In my bowl, I chose Asada steak for my protein, and accompanied it with rice, black beans, lettuce, white onion, cheese and sour cream. When we finished ordering, we were handed our margaritas and we headed to find a table where we eagerly awaited all the greatness about to hit our taste buds! 

We were brought our chips and queso first, and we immediately noticed and loved that the chips were thick and warm! The queso was piping hot and had just the right amount of kick to its creamy, velvety and downright swoon-worthy goodness. It complimented those thick tortilla chips so well! Regardless of whether hungry enough for a full meal, before our main dishes even came out, we had already agreed we would be back sometime soon for more chips and queso. While we were still engulfed in our cheesy euphoria, the amazing smells and sounds we could both smell and hear from the kitchen were testaments to the fact that dishes are truly made to order. This happened a few more times during our dinner, as more customers came in and orders were prepared … and we sure did not mind it! 

Viri was back soon with my bowl and Zach’s taco plate. The tacos were served on a metal tray with the sides of rice and beans each served in their own individual small paper boats. The plate also included lime and both red and green salsas. Zach reported that the steak and chicken in his tacos was tender, well-seasoned and full of flavor, while his choice of toppings and the salsa married well and produced fabulous tacos. I loved every aspect of the fresh and flavorful ingredients in my bowl, and they all complimented each other well. It is easy to understand why the Asada steak is a customer favorite. Our dishes were both cooked perfectly and we very much enjoyed the authentic flavors the chefs work so hard to incorporate.

Mezcal Taco is one of Frisco’s little hidden gems and is not just your run-of-the-mill taco shop, which is why locals keep coming back. The passion the staff has for the authenticity of flavors is wildly evident in the food they serve and you just cannot beat a family-owned atmosphere. We truly cannot wait to return to try more of the dishes they offer and were so appreciative and impressed with the service. Just like chips and queso go so well together, so does Mezcal Taco and Frisco’s unique and bustling culinary scene. Whether you are looking for an easy date night or you need a quick stop for lunch, Mezcal Taco can be your new spot!

Mezcal Taco is located at 9500 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200. Go to to check out the menu or learn more about this local dining destination.

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Allie Spletter is a wannabe foodie and lover of all things pink and crafty.