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For the Love of Coffee and Community

Jul 02, 2018 ● By Lisa Dawson

When Andrew Jin opened The Nest Café in March 2017, he was looking to create a community gathering place where patrons could relax and feel comfortable. “I wanted to be different,” he says. “I wanted to bring good coffee to the area and create a place where people could connect with each other.” There is no doubt Mr. Jin has done just that. From the moment you step inside the open, airy space with its communal tables and quaint, minimal décor to your first bite of the café’s delicious food, you feel right at home. 

The Nest Café has a light, casual menu. Serving breakfast, lunch and brunch on weekends, there is no dinner menu or alcohol. It is the ideal way to start the day or enjoy a lunchtime meal, whether you are stopping in for a bite to eat, meeting friends for coffee or enjoying the scenery at an outdoor table. The emphasis is not just on coffee, but it is certainly at the core of The Nest Café. Freshly-brewed, locally-roasted coffees, lattes, Chai teas and more are all part of the drink menu, in addition to freshly-prepared meals and baked goods. 

My family and I visited The Nest Café on a busy weekend morning. We were immediately impressed with the ambiance and atmosphere. Many families with children of all ages were enjoying themselves, which made me immediately put my “mom mind” at ease. Kids getting a little loud and maybe not using perfect table manners? That is OK here. My 13-year-old daughter announced, “This place is cool,” and “it is really hipster,” which, in teen speak, means it is an A+. While waiting for a table, I enjoyed the interesting artwork on the walls; minimal, but with a global feel. From the wainscot finish to the uncovered floors, there is a quaint, European feel. But tradition and simplistic give way to a designer flair, like the wall of succulents. Succulents are so “in” right now and The Nest Cafe found a way to decorate attractively with them, but not overdo it. 

After perusing the menu, which appeals to a variety of tastes, we all placed our orders at the counter and were given a number. We then were seated by a friendly staffer who found us a great table. My husband and I enjoyed our drinks. He is an avid coffee lover and was super happy with the pour-over coffee method. He enjoyed the Foxtrot, a full-bodied blend with hints of chocolate. I could tell from the smile he had after one sip that Mr. Jin’s goal of bringing good coffee to Frisco was a success. I enjoyed the London Fog, a sublime blend of Earl Grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup. I was in tea-lover’s heaven. The Matcha and Mocha Lattes were also recommended, as they are considered customer favorites.

It did not take long for our food to arrive. The kids loved their dishes, with the S’mores French Toast being the breakout star for my 10-year-old. The homemade waffles were smothered in chocolate, graham cracker crumbles and had two beautifully-roasted marshmallows on top. The Smoked Salmon Benedict was another favorite. The fresh smoked salmon, capers and house-made Hollandaise sauce over two organic poached eggs and a side of fresh fruit were not only gorgeous to look at, but incredibly tasty. Perhaps the best dish we tried that day was the Avocado Toast. A thick cut of soft, perfectly-toasted multigrain bread is the foundation for this elegant and healthy meal. Bunches of bright green arugula, radishes, an egg and ricotta cheese combined are the perfect amount of crunchy and creamy texture in this well-rounded meal. The piece de resistance is the sliced avocado. Ripe, fresh and super creamy, you cannot deny the yummy avocado is the star of this tasty dish. 

The menu also features deliciously-described items like the Beet Hummus Toast, complete with avocado, arugula, beet hummus, micro green and radish and the Nest Breakfast, a more traditional breakfast item that features two eggs, bacon and fruit. From sandwiches and omelets to waffles and salads, The Nest Café offers a little bit of everything!

From the presentation to flavor, the food at The Nest Café looks and tastes fresh because it is. Mr. Jin says they get fresh produce delivered every other day, like their organic and cage-free eggs. “With such a small kitchen, there is not a lot of room for storage, so we have our vendors deliver frequently,” he shares. This system works well to the customers’ advantage. Simple flavors can shine through and there is a healthy spin on every meal (maybe chocolate and marshmallows are the exceptions). “I wanted a place that serves lighter food and flavors that go well with coffee,” says Mr. Jin. 

While living in Los Angeles, Mr. Jin spent a lot of time in cafes and absorbing the coffee culture of the sunny West Coast. He loved the comfortable, casual cafes and restaurants where people could gather and enjoy a great cup of coffee and a light meal. When his family relocated to Frisco, Mr. Jin decided it was time to marry his passion for bringing people together (he earned his master’s degree in social work) with his love for cafes and coffee. 

In addition to creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons, the local restaurant is committed to creating a great work environment for employees. It is obvious employees enjoy coming to work. The friendly staffers behind the counter are extremely accommodating and quick to help customers when they request something. Patrons are greeted with lots of friendly smiles and a generally upbeat attitude that seems infectious. 

Next time we visit The Nest Café (which will be soon, I predict), I am going to try the paninis. Mr. Jin recommended them, and they are the most recent addition to the menu. The paninis looked incredibly tasty, along with the salads. I guess it is safe to say, if you are looking for me at lunchtime, chances are, I will be at The Nest Café!

Located at 7777 Warren Parkway, Suite 325, just east of the Dallas North Tollway, The Nest Café is open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Go to to check out a complete menu. 

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