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A Farewell Wave

May 01, 2018 ● By Rachael Beaird

If you are a resident of Frisco or Little Elm, you have undoubtedly crossed paths with Jimmy Lee Robinson, or, as he identifies himself “the happiest man in the land.” 

“Trust is a must” … “Believe in yourself” … “God’s got your back.” These are just a few of the sayings Mr. Robinson proudly held over his head on homemade signs simply to brighten the day of passersby on his daily run from his home in Little Elm to Frisco. “I have always kept positive signs and encouraging words around my home just for me,” Mr. Robinson explains. “I just realized what a difference these beautiful words were making in my life and figured I should spread the love I have around to the community.”

Mr. Robinson relocated to the area from Ark. about five years ago and moved in with his brother in Little Elm. Since that time, he quickly made an everlasting mark on the community that will be greatly missed in his absence, as Mr. Robinson moved to Los Angeles in March. “The people of Little Elm and Frisco were just always so kind to me. I love them and I cannot say enough how much I will miss them,” Mr. Robinson says. “I felt their love every day as they would cheer me on, or even just wave or honk.”

The move to Calif. was inspired by Mr. Robinson’s desire to make it as an actor, comedian, writer or musician … whatever he can do to get a platform to spread his positivity and share his faith with a larger audience. 

Coming from a relatively tumultuous upbringing, Mr. Robinson’s life was permanently changed when he picked up a Bible in 1999, began reading God’s Word and became a Christian. “I never grew up in a church. My mom was only 14 when she had me. My dad was not part of my life and I just did not have a lot of love in my heart,” Mr. Robinson says. “But, then, in 1999, I had a good job, started reading the Bible and realized it was God who had given me that job. I had just never felt anything like that. I discovered God loved me and suddenly I realized He is all I need to be happy.” 

Mr. Robinson began attending a church in Miss., where he was living at the time, and decided to become a follower of Jesus. He began devoting his life to do everything he could to serve the Lord. “From then on, I just made a decision to use the glory of God to bring love to the world,” he says. 

Although it has become a cliché, Mr. Robinson says he truly tries to think, on a daily basis, “what would Jesus do?” And that is what he takes with him every day as he steps outside. He focuses on how he can encourage others, support his community and simply make the world a better, and ultimately happier, place. “All I know is God, and when I am talking about Him, I come alive,” Mr. Robinson describes. “When I am in the streets, I am alive and know I am living my true purpose. I thank God for showing me who I was meant to become, because not everybody can say that.”

To support himself, Mr. Robinson works as a substitute teacher and sells CDs of his poetry on the street. He hopes to one day publish a book of his poetry, a goal he will be working toward in Calif. Previously, he has worked with a children’s nonprofit organization, been a fitness instructor, as well as worked a variety of other odd jobs in order to make ends meet. But, at the end of the day, his main focus has always been to follow in Christ’s footsteps and spread love and positivity to the world. “Being on the streets out in the community with my signs has really become my ministry,” Mr. Robinson says. “I found how happy it made me to bring joy to others, and it really just makes my life worthwhile.”  

He also says being outside every day has helped not only his mental health, but also his physical health, something that is very close to his heart. He began running after a close friend suffered a fatal heart attack at a young age. “Being healthy is such a top priority for me. I run every day, so I can stay in shape and live longer, so I can spread love for as long as I can,” Mr. Robinson explains. 

Mr. Robinson was also very inspired after a friend loaned him a copy of “Think and Grow Rich,” a personal development and self-improvement book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. The book is now one of the top 10 best-selling self-help books of all time. “That book really changed how I thought about life and taught me that you really attract what you put out in the world,” Mr. Robinson says. “You create your own life by your thinking, so to have a happy life, you have to have a positive attitude.” 

Mr. Robinson is continuing to use the world as his stage in Calif. and is hoping to break into the media industry by finding work as an extra or maybe doing commercials. While he hopes to one day become wealthy enough that all he does is share his testimony, for now, he is content just taking life as it comes and working with God as his only boss.

Mr. Robinson will be greatly missed by the Frisco community. Stay tuned! Time will tell what comes next for this inspirational individual.