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Living in the Bubble

May 01, 2018 ● By Frisco STYLE

Soccer is not a game, it is a whirlwind of experiences — smelling the sweet, fresh scent of clipped grass, soaking up the friendly feeling of sunshine on your face and arms and even suffering a slightly aching side from running, breathing and laughing at the same time. Strapping on cleats and scoring goals is not just for kids (or professionals) anymore. While there are a few nearby businesses focused on bringing this special fun to people of all ages, Frisco-based North Texas Bubble Soccer is taking this favorite elementary school sport and turning it into one of the most exhilarating corporate icebreakers and birthday party activities around. The twist? All players are encased from head to thigh in a gigantic bubble suit!

This sport, which 14-year-old Emma Boyd called “a great experience, unlike any other!” is an opportunity for people of almost all ages, shapes and sizes to let loose and have fun. It requires participants to wear a bubble suit that resembles a giant water floaty --yes, like the kind that 2-year-olds wear around their arms in the pool — almost big enough for someone’s entire body to fit inside. Then, players try not to get stuck on the ground while they run, bump, roll, tumble and crash around a field, attempting to kick a soccer ball or play other sports at the same time. Think of it like human bumper cars, except each person is padded by a squishy bubble and strapped in so no one falls out. “We offer a fun way to be active and have a great time with friends and family,” says Melanie Wolff, the owner of North Texas Bubble Soccer. “There are not nearly as many rules as there are in regular soccer. And, if you fall, it does not hurt. It is just so much fun to run into your friends and bounce around.” 

Bubble soccer was founded in Norway in 2011 (and called “bubble football”) and gained popularity in the U.S. through YouTube videos because of its unique appeal. The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, even played the game on air in 2014. Mrs. Wolff and her husband, Todd, who soon after bought North Texas Bubble Soccer, share, “Our two teenage boys, Micah and Jereme, were working for the company and loved it. When the owner decided to sell, we saw it as a great opportunity to own a super fun business that we could run as a family. It is a great opportunity for our boys to learn what it takes to run a business, all while having a great time, meeting new people and earning a bit of extra spending money.”

Now, this family-owned business brings bubble soccer to clients, creating a different outing experience for many different occasions. Helping people have fun, both the young and the young-at-heart, is one of the things bubble soccer does best. The activity is great for children and adult birthday parties, corporate events, team parties, family reunions, church events and random days when people just want to feel like kids again. It is a unique way to get to know your peers or coworkers, spend time with the family and try something new! 

The staff brings bubbles, goals, a game master and the attitude for fun to any gym, youth room, training center, park or backyard in Frisco and surrounding areas. “We bring bubble soccer to you!” says Mrs. Wolff. “We travel all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex so you can host the event where it is convenient for you.” 

During the game, someone will be on hand to “referee” and, unlike kids’ soccer games, they make sure no one gets bored. For those who would rather pick flowers than kick a soccer ball, do not worry! There are many different bubble games you can play! 

Just like any other activity where participants risk falling, getting pushed by a bubble-clad buddy or experiencing otherwise reckless behavior, there are rules in bubble soccer. “We take safety seriously. All players should be in good physical health and be prepared to listen and follow all safety rules,” Mrs. Wolff says.

All you have to do is wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes, no stark white uniforms, cleats or shin guards necessary, and show up ready for a great time. Mrs. Wolff shares, “One of the best things about bubble soccer is that you do not need to know anything about soccer at all to play, and you do not need any athletic ability. One of the most fun parties we did was for a gentleman turning 65-years-old. He showed all the young’uns how to play!”

Tammy Britton, a local repeat client, says, “North Texas Bubble Soccer provided loads of laughs and bonding time through an active party. They prioritized fun and kept things rolling throughout the party. The adults, teens and children all gave them two thumbs up!”

One of Mrs. Wolff’s favorite parts of owning a bubble soccer company is that many clients are in Frisco. “Frisco is such a wonderful, sports-friendly environment,” she adds. “It is a community of great people who enjoy trying new things and are so wonderful to work with during our events.” 

If you are like most Frisco residents and trying new things thrills you, then this funky sport is for you! Summer is almost here — a time to enjoy yourself and take a break from the constant stresses of life. The days when the worst thing that ever happened was skinning your knee are gone, but the days of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family (and wearing huge bubble suits) are here. It is the closest you will ever get to feeling like a kid again. So, tie your hair up, lather on some SPF 50 and get ready for an afternoon of sweating, laughing and making memories. Oh yeah, and bring your camera, as it will be an afternoon you will never want to forget!

Sydni Ellis is a freelance writer and mom to an always energetic 8-month-old boy. She loves drinking coffee, traveling with her husband and capturing the beauty of the world through words.