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A New Headliner at The Sea

Mar 01, 2018 ● By Allie Spletter

Having grown up in a small East Texas town, where the most popular sit-down restaurant was Cotton Patch Cafe (do not get me wrong, I love Cotton Patch), and more popular and eclectic restaurants were at least 45 minutes away, sushi restaurants never exactly popped up on the radar when we tried to answer the age-old question of “where do we want to go for dinner?” 

I have always been a seafood lover, so when my best friend, Katie, introduced me to sushi in college, I was hooked (pun intended). My husband, Zach, is not a fan, so whenever the craving hits, Katie and I always excitedly look for the newest sushi restaurants to try. Much like many of the new restaurants here in Frisco, we did not have to look any further than the exciting sports and culinary epicenter at The Star. 

Sushi Marquee, The Star’s only sushi restaurant, is home to more than 5,000 square feet of restaurant space, where diners are introduced to a unique experience that creates an unforgettable fusion of entertainment, whimsical cocktails, crazy-good, creative sushi and a little trip back to the 1980s and 1990s. Actor Brad Hawkins, known for his former role as the white Power Ranger in the 1990s, is the owner of the new sushi restaurant, which seeks to blend great food with even greater times. The restaurant pays homage to the mentioned decades in live action films, television shows, music and characters we all know and love. Diners are constantly entertained by Sushi Marquee’s impressive mosaic-inspired assortment of television screens above the front-of-house open sushi bar and live kitchen that amp up the experience by playing movie clips and music videos. At one point, it was all Katie and I could do to stay in our seats as our inner 16-year-olds jammed and danced to the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” while the music video played on the screens. Besides the food and drinks, it was one of our favorite parts of the night. We found ourselves so entertained by the music and videos (think Alanis Morissette, New Kids On The Block, “Top Gun” clips, Will Smith, Britney Spears, etc.). So fun! 

We simply could not wait until the weekend to try Sushi Marquee after we had discovered it, so we visited on a Monday night to find a decent crowd and music that drew us in immediately, as the engaging hostess promptly seated us at a high-top table in the bar, one of the focal points of the restaurant. The restaurant is on the second floor of the west side of The Star Boulevard, so look up as you walk up to the location. There is an escalator that will take you right to the restaurant. The expansive space is dotted with tables, large and small, while the bar has both high-top tables and seating. The other focal point of the restaurant is the front-of-house open sushi bar and live kitchen where diners can have a front row seat to watch chefs crafting their sushi creations. The bar area was my favorite, as the back wall boasts not only a huge mural of Yoda holding chop sticks, but a massive Chinese character symbol cleverly designed to frame the restaurant’s bar selections. There are even more televisions and a breathtaking, yet inconspicuous, smaller mural of a gorgeous geisha peeking out from behind the massive Chinese character. My other favorite part of the décor was an enormous mosaic Buddha statue made up of ornate mirrored mosaic tiles. Overall, the restaurant’s vibe gives diners as much of a minimalist feel as it does a “wow” factor. There are large murals and pops of color with subtle yet energetic lighting, and fine attention to detail was obviously paid. It is modern, trendy and lively.

I will admit, we were initially overwhelmed by all the equally-awesome choices on the menu, but our knowledgeable server, Mike, was quick to help and pointed out some of the restaurant’s most popular choices for us to consider from the get-go. Their extensive cocktail menu is impressive, to say the least, as it boasts creative, tasty craft drinks along with a full wine, sake and champagne menu. They even feature high-end Japanese whiskeys and hard-to-find spirits. Per Mike’s recommendation, I decided to try Tiffany’s in Tokyo, which is a beautifully-sweet blend of sky vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice and white cranberry juice. It was truly a brilliant “Tiffany’s blue” and was garnished with a fresh flower, which made for a gorgeous and unique presentation. Katie tried the Fuji Sangria, another recommendation of Mike’s, that was made up of Fuji apple sake, bayou silver rum, sparking pink sake, lychee syrup and orange, strawberry and lemon. The sangria was as refreshingly tart as it was sweet and was a beautiful version of a classic drink, with a bit of a Japanese flair. 

We began our night of sushi goodness with an order of classic Sea Salt Edamame and munched on it as we looked over the sushi menu. The starter menu is as impressive as the rest of the menu with selections like Wagyu Spring Rolls, Calamari Steak, Dynamite Rock Shrimp and Lamb Lollipops. In addition to their sushi menu, they have a great selection of entrees and Marquee features like Miso Sea Bass, Grilled Lobster, Wagyu Filet and Grilled Pork Tenderloin. Our edamame was wonderful and hit the spot. The sea salt gave it just enough flavor to make it fabulous. 

In the sushi section of the menu, selections range from sushi/sashimi and sushi platters to specialty rolls and classic rolls. Specialty rolls are where our eyes ended up settling, in part due to the clever and comical names of the rolls like “The Terminator,” “Bueller … Bueller,” “Angry Hulk,” “Sho Nuff,” “Mr. Miyagi” and the “Punky Brewster,” just to name a few. 

We had as much fun choosing our rolls as we did reading the names! After picking Mike’s brain, Katie and I decided on the Caterpillar, Luck Dragon, Bueller … Bueller and Godzilla rolls. The rolls came out in waves, and as we raved over one, another would come out and reignite our excitement and appetites. 

The Godzilla roll lived up to its name and was a colossal roll made of shrimp tempura, crab mix and avocado. It was topped with spicy tuna, spicy aioli, wasabi aioli and tempura flakes. The flavors were fresh, the aioli gave it a kick of heat and the spicy tuna on top was a great addition to each piece. The Bueller … Bueller roll was my favorite, as it was comprised of crab mix, avocado and was topped with baked salmon and eel sauce that all came together perfectly to make a well-thought-out combination of flavors. The baked salmon on top of the roll was perfectly cooked and the eel sauce gave a great little hint of sweetness to this roll that pays homage to an 80s classic. The Caterpillar roll was our aesthetic favorite. The sushi chef literally made the roll look like a caterpillar crawling across the plate, complete with a creatively cute little face! This roll includes baked eel, topped with avocado, and it is adorned with a variety of sauces that marry the flavors well. Lastly, the Luck Dragon roll was unlike any I have ever had, as one of its ingredients was asparagus! Along with the asparagus, the Luck Dragon was made of shrimp, avocado and cucumber, and was topped with white tuna, ponzu sauce and Sriracha. The Sriracha gave it quite a kick and the asparagus gave it a fresh element. 

The names of the rolls alone are enough to make diners want to try one of everything. Not only does Sushi Marquee have a seriously creative menu and a wildly engaging and entertaining atmosphere, but they are doing it all while having fun, creating awesome food and ensuring a great experience for customers. The décor is as playfully stunning and creatively presented as the food is fresh and wildly flavorful. 

Sushi Marquee, located at 3625 The Star Boulevard, Suite 315, is quickly making a name for itself while holding true to its cheeky personality and cranking out some seriously good food. It offers sushi done right with a big side of nostalgic fun. To check out a menu or to plan your visit, go to Put this new spot on your list of places to try and get ready for an all-around great time! 

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