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The Next Page - February 2018

Jan 31, 2018 ● By Frisco STYLE

STAFF STREETS OF FRISCO If you could start any type of business in Frisco, what would it be?

“I would start a bacon and beer pairing bar.” -Andrew Johnson

“I would have a huge warehouse building where artists could rent space to do their work. I would have my own space there, as well.” -Leah Ratliff

“I would create an affordable, quick drive-thru restaurant for 100 percent healthy, fresh food.” -Christine Perrenot

"I'd like to open up a food truck that sells different kinds of crepes. Everything from hearty, meat-filled ones to cheesecake and ice cream filled crepes." -Ben Johnson

BUSINESS Lucchese™ Bootmaker recently placed its seventh retail store at The Star. Check out the store for yourself sometime soon! Call 214.872.4966 or go to to learn more about the unique history of this now local company.

FINANCE The main difference between Bitcoin and normal cash, besides the fact that it is digital, is the fact that it is publicly kept track of by people all over the world, instead of by one centralized institution or system. Do you want to learn more or get involved? Visit and learn all about this new digital cryptocurrency.

FEATURE The millennial generation has many positive attributes and characteristics that not only make our everyday lives better, but bring exciting contributions to the workplace. Get more information about Chris Thrash and his unique research and work at or by calling 972.625.3893.

COMMUNITY DEVOTIONAL Larry Burden is the founder and senior pastor at KingdomLife Christian Center. Learn more about KingdomLife, located at 12330 Rolater Road, at or by calling 214.618.1500.

DINING Tri Tip Grill is located at 6775 Cowboys Way, Suite 1305, at The Star. Go to to order online or view the menu!

SMALL BITES Heavenly Donuts 214.436.5353 - 8981 2nd Street

Hurts Donuts - 469.214.8001 - 3288 Main Street, Suite101

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 8815 Preston Road - - 214.436.4077

EDUCATION The preservation and celebration of history and heritage are just what the Heritage Association of Frisco and the Frisco Heritage Center and Museum fervently serve to do. They will each celebrate huge milestones and accomplishments this year. The Heritage Center and Museum is located at 6455 Page Street. Call 972.292.5665 or go to for more information.