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Tex Benedict: A Texas Twist on an Old Favorite

Jun 23, 2017 ● By Frisco STYLE

Take a break from the norm with this Texas version of eggs benedict from Frisco Style

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 1



  1. Poach two eggs in water. Keep the water just under a soft boil and add vinegar to help the eggs keep shape.
  2. Using a double boiler, start the Chipotle Hollandaise sauce by slowly melting the butter over very low heat. If you do not have a double boiler, you can use a small saucepot and suspend a second pot on edge over the heated water. Do not let the hot water touch the second pan; otherwise, the butter will cook the eggs in chunks.
  3. Add lemon juice to taste for “brightness.” Separate the remaining two eggs and keep the yolks, discarding the whites. Lightly whisk the yolks and very slowly drizzle into the butter/lemon juice mixture, continually mixing the sauce to prevent overheating. Add 2-3 teaspoons of chipotle sauce and mix thoroughly
  4. Butter and grill evenly both sides of the Texas toast. Top the toast with brisket and warm the cheese on the griddle.
  5. Top the brisket with the cheese and poached eggs. Liberally ladle the Chipotle Hollandaise sauce over the eggs.