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Coming to You Live from Frisco Studios

Jun 01, 2017 ● By Christine Perrenot

Because of all the things changing and expanding in Frisco, it recently came to the attention of some local creatives that there was not a working, high-tech, state-of-the-art production studio available for videographers and their clients to rent or use for a project. Local producer Anthony Burokas, the creator of the new Frisco Studios, decided to change that!

Mr. Burokas has helped produce shows like “Flavors of America” and “Healthy Flavors” for PBS and Comcast® for more than a decade. He has also produced an eight-part Alaskan outdoor adventure series. “Frisco Studios is a new resource for Frisco and the cities around it to get top-level service and experience without having to drive into downtown Dallas or Las Colinas,” he shares. Frisco Studios is conveniently located within the offices of Frisco STYLE Magazine.

Having searched for more than a year to find rentable video production space in the Frisco area, Mr. Burokas found there was nothing available, but now, the latest technology and cutting-edge media capabilities are available right here in Frisco, thanks to his perseverance in creating just the space that has been needed for some time now. Not only does it save businesses from having to travel hours through construction zones to other cities, but it is cost competitive because it is not a huge studio with high overhead. Due to the experience levels of the Frisco Studios team, they can help people use the right resources, the right way, the first time. Frisco Studios can handle everything from still photography to independent producers who have all their own equipment and just need space to local businesses that want to reach customers with video, but have no production experience or equipment. 

One of Facebook’s coolest and newest features includes the functionality to “go live” and share experiences on your friends’ newsfeeds. By posting a live video, you can share a special occasion, like a marriage proposal, baby gender reveal or a graduation. You can also spread important news during a business meeting or create awareness about an event you are attending. It really is a neat concept! This is where two great ideas converged, merging the effectiveness of sharing quality content on live Facebook videos with an unmatched studio setting located in the heart of downtown Frisco.

Tammy Meinershagen is the executive director for Frisco Arts, an organization committed to making arts experiences accessible for people of all ages. This group strives to show how relatable the arts are to everyone and regularly hosts events and activities that foster participation from creatives and spectators throughout the community. For example, recently, Frisco Arts sponsored Frisco’s first Multicultural Festival, which took place in Frisco Square in April. From having the Dallas Opera at The Star (which allowed almost 4,000 people to view a live simulcast for free) to hosting the Frisco Arts Walk at HALL Park and creating concerts in the City Council Chambers, the group’s overall goal is to build a more vibrant community through the arts. 

As Frisco Arts continues to grow, educate and share more outstanding talent with the community, there is a great need to spread good news about everything the organization has going on! There are also many skilled and creative individuals in our community who need a good outlet to share their talents with others. Mrs. Meinershagen says the idea to do the live, monthly Facebook video, “Frisco Arts Friday Live,” filmed by the Frisco Studios team, came from Mr. Burokas. “He asked if I would be willing to be the guinea pig for the concept of a live show with regular guests. I thought it was a very innovative idea, and I was willing to test it out. As far as I know, this combination of Facebook and broadcast has never been done before!”

This creative environment within the studio has proven perfect for Frisco Arts. “I love that we can feature the faces and events of the arts community in Frisco in a very fresh, tech-forward way. You can see, hear and interact with the content of the show in real time. Radio shows are challenging for artists because you cannot see them perform or watch a demonstration. The live Facebook show adds the visual component, which for the arts, is very important,” Mrs. Meinershagen shares. “I have always enjoyed getting to know people, so that is my favorite part. It is also fun being the host and sharing my heart for the arts!”

From the start, Mrs. Meinershagen wanted to feature a student or emerging artist on each show “because it is inspiring to see our talented youth, and I want to encourage them on their journey to become professionals in the industry,” she says. She selects people who are not always celebrated as artists, such as music producers or culinary artists. “I think it is important to recognize all our creative professionals who are doing great things behind the scenes and on stage! I expect to have a good mix of all the arts represented in the future. One of our first guests on the show was so excited about the concept, he is now helping to produce the show!”

After the very first live show (there have been three now), the organization knew they had come across something very special for their followers. “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! In one week, we had more than 9,000 views for the show, indicating a strong desire to learn more about the artists in our community,” Mrs. Meinershagen shares. “I hope these videos help create a community that values the arts. It is easy to dismiss the arts as unimportant or unnecessary when you do not know any artists, but it is much harder to ignore a real person who is doing great work and impacting lives through the arts. I also expect there will be new connections and collaborations that come from featuring these stories on our show. Creativity begets creativity!”

“Frisco Arts Friday Live” uses the entire studio, including the multi-camera live television production, lighting and sound, while leveraging the latest social media trend of being “live.” Mr. Burokas shares, “People love this because of the immediacy and interactivity. So, we make something that is entertaining and helps inform Frisco Arts followers all about what is going on in the area. Mrs. Meinershagen has been a fantastic partner in this endeavor because she really wants to push the technical envelope, try new media to reach out to people and she is a great host for the show. With each show, we tweak it and make it better … more exciting … and we deliver more for the viewers.” 

In terms of the promising future of Frisco Studios, there is a lot planned and in the works! From investment and improvement in studio capabilities to building a roster of seasoned professionals to handle multiple productions at the same time, the team recognizes the need for the services they provide. “The challenge is reaching out to those companies we know we can help and enabling them to understand how they can leverage what we have to help save them time and money,” Mr. Burokas says.

If you missed Frisco Arts’ latest live broadcast, be sure to follow Frisco Arts on Facebook and enjoy another great show on Friday, June 16. From musicians to chefs, the talent featured promises to entertain and educate audiences about everything associated with the arts and creative individuals in our community. “My goal is to share the variety of talent that exists here in Frisco in all the arts -- music, dance, theatre, film, visual, culinary and cultural arts. I want to show how vibrant and thriving the arts community really is and meet the people making things happen,” Mrs. Meinershagen says.

To learn more about Frisco Studios, check out With support from generous donors and supporters, readers can expect to see more city-wide, free events centered around the arts! Check out everything happening with Frisco Arts at Here, you will also find a calendar of upcoming events. Anyone interested in being a guest on the monthly Frisco Arts Facebook show can email [email protected] for an interview.