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Stay Out of the Woods

Jul 01, 2016 ● By Christine Perrenot

Some of the things that are rumored to go bump in the night tend to linger in our minds and become particularly disturbing as we attempt to fall asleep. After doing a lot of research about some of the strange, mysterious or unexplained things that have happened in Frisco’s past, we came across the legend of Goat Man. If you scare easily, it is recommended that you skip this section. This tale may keep you out of the woods for a while …

During the early 1950s, there was a lot of buzz about the alleged Goat Man, who numerous residents of Frisco claimed to have seen with their own eyes. This creature was described as half goat, half man, and was said to live in the woods behind the current day location of Acker Elementary. There were enough rumors and people willing to tell of their alleged encounters with the haunting creature that a Frisco Journal reporter even wrote a front-page article detailing the tale.

As it goes, a group of teenage boys had planned a camping trip in the woods. After their hike to the desired campsite, they noticed trash and half-eaten food particles scattered at the scene. After suspecting that something was not quite right, the boys hid, fearing for their safety. In their telling of the story, they noted that it did not take long for the creature to appear in front of them to finish his dinner. They nervously waited in hiding until the goat man had wandered off. The first chance they got, they high-tailed it away from there and ran for their lives, back into town. What is even more spine-chilling about the tale these boys claimed to be true? Apparently, Goat Man was yielding an axe! Can you even imagine the scandal as these boys told their tale and rumors began to spread around town? It would not be hard to believe that kids were spending a little more time inside their houses after that.

What is also interesting is that there are allegations of a similar creature who allegedly haunts Old Alton Bridge in nearby Denton, Texas. Legend has it, if you drive across the bridge, where a local goat farmer (called “Goat Man”) was said to have been hung back in 1938, he will be waiting for you on the other side. The site is understandably popular around Halloween, and people have reported strange lights in the woods and even being grabbed by unseen figures.

Some may find it odd that the same anomaly has been seen in two different locations, by residents of different cities. Does this give some validation to the wild claims? Or can the story simply be blamed on the imaginations of young children? That is for you to decide …