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Christina Doyal

Mar 15, 2016 ● By Frisco STYLE

Christina Doyal, a Frisco resident for more than three years, is the pastry chef and co-owner of BarnLight Eatery. “I play a variety of different roles as an owner and no day is ever the same or routine. Some days, I get to bake and develop recipes, which I love to do. Other days, I am strictly focused on the business side of things and developing our staff,” she shares.

Ms. Doyal says that in a time where there are so many corporate restaurants and fast food restaurants, it is always nice to have a different option. “We wanted to have a family-friendly atmosphere and offer food that tastes like real food that is prepared well.

What is a fun fact about this local, working mom? “I listen to heavy metal, punk or really any kind of hardcore rock music while I am working in my pastry area. It is usually shocking to new employees because it does not fit with the first impression one might get from me,” she says.