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Planting Seeds of Faith, Hope and Courage

Feb 01, 2016 ● By Wendi Cartwright

Living in Frisco offers residents the best of the best — a small town feel combined with state-of-the-art facilities at every turn. We have access to highly-ranked schools and beautiful parks, mindful city leaders, sports teams and shopping, shopping, shopping! While much positivity and goodness surrounds us, the truth is, sometimes, life just happens. Not every day can be a good day. In the fast-paced environment we all live in, we are often faced with stress and strain. None of us are immune to bumps in the road. Sometimes, the bumps are easily navigable and sometimes we need a little help finding our way.

Planting Seeds Counseling and Coaching is a group counseling practice in Frisco that provides growth-oriented therapies and life coaching services, as well as psychological assessments for individuals, couples and families in our community. They work to plant the seeds of faith, hope and courage in local lives by building respectful and authentic relationships with clients on their journey towards emotional health. Sometimes, we all need a new perspective or a nudge in the right direction, and Frisco residents are lucky enough to have access to professionals who truly care about their well-being.

Jennifer Bradt began Planting Seeds as a solo practice when she moved to Frisco in 2008. “I had previously worked in community agencies and felt a calling to ‘hang my shingle,’” said Ms. Bradt. Over the course of the last seven years, Planting Seeds has grown into a thriving group practice, which now consists of 11 amazing employees, including one office manager, one life coach, one psychologist and eight counselors. The team has been handpicked to consist of professionals who are highly-trained, but who also have a heart for serving the community in which they work and live.  

This team is able to successfully assess and treat a vast array of issues, so no matter your need, you will find a helping hand. Areas that are addressed at the facility mirror those that many local families struggle with on a day-to-day basis, including addictions, anger, anxiety, autism, Christian counseling, depression, grief, loneliness, marital counseling, parenting, self concept, suicide and more. You may recognize one or more of these issues as something your family tries to find a way to cope with.

The group provides a resource for families and the entire community. “On many occasions, we spend time with a caller answering questions and then assisting them with getting connected to the right agencies within our community, even if that ends up not being us,” explains Ms. Bradt. “Part of our mission is to make sure those who reach out for help find the very best fit for their need and we recognize that sometimes a referral to other agencies is what is best for that person.” Because Planting Seeds believes that emotional and relational education is critical, they are also involved in the community by providing workshops for local churches, Project Mom and community-based support groups.

Last year, Planting Seeds decided to broaden the scope of their services by introducing life coaching as an added option. This came in response to community members who voiced a desire for this type of service, as well as understanding the benefits coaching can offer clients.

Coaching helps move you from simply functioning in your life to an optimal place where you are functioning at a higher level. Old habits and patterns are reviewed and steps are put in place to move you from your “standard mode of operation,” if necessary. Especially if you want to get to “point B” but keep facing obstacles or road blocks. Counseling and coaching can make a world of difference for your family members. “Creating awareness is the most important thing in how you move forward. It is your perspective, your life experiences, your thought processes. So, when you are operating at an optimal level, you are better able to identify multiple options. Coaching teaches you how to operate on a higher level,” explains Ms. Walter.

At Planting Seeds, clients set expectations for their work with coaches and work to meet their goals throughout their time with a professional. Brandon, who has had the opportunity to see firsthand the help that coaching provides, shares, “My goal was to get more grounded in several areas, as well as create a ‘plan’ on how to better support/manage relationships. I have met with several counselors in the past working through past relationship issues. I do not remember ever having so many ‘light bulbs above my head’ turned on. I have a solid picture of where I want to be and a much better idea on how to get there. I am excited to put my new skills in place and act upon them.”

There are many new people moving into Frisco every day, and the very act of moving can be a huge stressor. It is an adjustment for the entire family. Changes range from new schools and friends for the kids, to a new house and jobs, plus, finding a new support system for adults. Each of these changes are adjustments and can become disruptive issues leading to stress and strain. Working with a coach can help you establish yourself in your new location, set you up for success and help reconcile everything mentally, as well as physically. Parents want their children to get along and thrive as a family unit, but sometimes help is needed when life situations become challenging.

“We strive to offer effective, ethical and grace-based services to all who enter our practice. We do each offer faith-based counseling for those who are interested. Our team is constructed in a way that we are able to meet most outpatient behavioral health and wellness needs,” says Ms. Bradt. Collectively, clients include children from age 4 through late adulthood, which is somewhat unique among other group practices. No matter what your family’s story is, there can be times of strain or lack of understanding between family members. Maybe you face struggles that come with a family member’s disability or your communication methods need strengthening.

Ms. Walter says, “Coaching is a life changer. For anything in life you are facing, it creates a level of peace. You can do more than cope with life. It lets you live to your fullest. You fall into your comfort zone and sometimes it just takes a push to get you there. It is a mind thing. You can find peace and live a happier life. You can accomplish your dreams.”

After going through this learning process, Brandon shares, “I am more prepared than I ever have been to approach relationships in a healthier manner. I look forward to continuing my sessions to ensure I am applying my knowledge correctly. I would describe my experience as motivating. It is nonstop back and forth communication.”

When life for your family begins to feel overwhelming or small problems begin to grow into large problems, Planting Seeds can help implement change and help you get back on track. You only get one life to live, and if you are lucky enough to share it with a family of wonderful individuals who have real feelings and real struggles, make sure everyone is operating to their full potential and living life to the fullest! Consider visiting to start the healing process you may not even realize you need.