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Messengers of Faith

Feb 01, 2016 ● By Frisco STYLE

Food, shelter and clothing are considered the basic necessities of life, but let us not neglect communication and education, especially in a time where the world seems besieged with images of half-truths, non-truths and hatred. Sometimes, the answers and reassurances we seek cannot be found in the media, in a traditional classroom, on the pages of a book or on a pulpit. Sometimes, we need to tune in to other sources to find the essential love, faith and hope necessary to nourish and comfort our spirit, mind and soul. We need a source to help us understand how to commune with God and understand His teachings and communications with us.

Frisco-based Insight for Living Ministries is one such resource. Bill Gemaehlich, Insight for Living Ministries’ executive vice president and chief operations officer, says, “Insight for Living Ministries is the Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Chuck Swindoll. Our mission is a commitment to excellence in communicating biblical truth and its application in a practical way that anyone can understand and apply to their life. The primary vehicle to accomplish this mission is a half-hour radio broadcast distributed around the world, airing approximately 2,000 times per day. Accompanying the program, we provide biblically-based counseling services, Bible study guides, books, compact disks, MP3s and other materials.”

For more than 36 years, Insight for Living Ministries has taught the truths of the Scripture and who Jesus Christ is in an accurate, clear and practical manner, to help people understand God’s plan for their lives, as well as their significant role as authentic Christians in our world. Mr. Gemaehlich explains, “Insight for Living Ministries began in July of 1979. Pastor Chuck was the senior pastor of EV Free Church in Fullerton, Calif., at the time. Chuck was being encouraged to share his Bible teaching with others outside of the church through radio broadcast. The church was not interested in a radio program, so Chuck and his wife, Cynthia, embarked on setting up Insight for Living and began operations from their garage in Calif.”

Mr. Gemaehlich shares, “With a new mission in their hearts, Chuck and Cynthia, along with their four children and a few employees, started responding to listeners’ requests for cassette tapes, Bible study guides, questions, prayer requests and biblical counseling. To help Chuck continue to write his sermons and books, and to remain behind the pulpit, Cynthia took over the reins and became the president of the ministry. Under her leadership, Insight for Living Ministries has grown to international status.”

As a city known for its sense of community and diverse cultures, Frisco is the perfect location for Insight for Living Ministries and its growing outreach. Mr. Gemaehlich says, “Insight for Living Ministries has a global impact for teaching and educating people from all walks of life (including new believers clear up to pastors and seminary graduates) through practical biblical teaching. Our program and teaching material draws people to a closer walk with the Lord and helps them live as authentic Christians in a needy, hostile and desperate world. Insight for Living Ministries also ministers to families with special needs children through our website and written material, and we have a pastoral counseling program by phone call, written correspondence and a pastoral blog. Insight for Living Ministries’ new international headquarters in Frisco will provide a local Christian bookstore and coffee shop. Our plan is to open The Book Shoppe & Coffee sometime between late 2016 and early 2017. We will offer free Wi-Fi and a pleasant environment where people can read and purchase quality Christian books while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.”

As a media Bible teaching ministry, Insight for Living Ministries strives to reach both the local community as well as a global audience. If you do not have time to stop by the new bookstore and coffee shop, tune into Insight for Living Ministries’ daily radio broadcast to feed your heart and soul. Mr. Gemaehlich says, “We receive daily feedback from people around the world, as well as locally, that our programs are drawing people closer to their walk with the Lord. Many people share with us how our daily message helps them through difficult times — overcoming things such as divorce, abuse, financial difficulties, changing jobs, adolescent issues, special needs, questions about theology and preventing suicide through our call-in pastoral counseling ministry.”

Children are at the heart and center of Insight for Living Ministries. Mr. Gemaehlich says, “Our children’s ministry, Paws and Tales, provides biblical resources (for Bible studies, theology questions, guidance, etc.), daily devotionals, books, a video library, special needs ministries, podcast teaching, a broadcast library (to listen to any previous broadcast by topic, book of the Bible, etc.), MP3s and translation into seven languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Russian). German is currently being translated, and Romanian is coming soon! We are committed to teaching biblical theology age appropriately as children grow spiritually. We also provide resources to give parents the encouragement they need.”

Mr. Gemaehlich shares, “Our daily, half-hour radio broadcast is expositional teaching of the Bible. This means we teach only from the text of the Bible using the original Hebrew and Greek meaning and intent of Scripture to teach in a practical and understandable way. This is done by observing the text of Scripture, probing the meaning of Scripture, comparing the truths of Scripture and applying the wisdom of Scripture. Again, this is for the purpose of not only drawing people to Christ, but to help them establish a deeper relationship with Him as they learn to become Christians.”

Vision 195 is the goal within the mission to have ministry impact in all 195 countries in the world, so that believers (both new and those who have been around for a while) everywhere will have the basic understanding of how to observe, interpret and correlate with other Scriptures and then apply the understanding of the Scriptures in their lives. With this scope in mind, Vision 195 begins with teaching and training pastors in other countries where biblical study material and training may not be readily available.

For those who might be a tad confused, Mr. Gemaehlich explains, “Insight for Living is not a church, nor are we affiliated with Chuck’s church. Our mission is to connect with people who desire to know and to grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; those called to be disciples of Christ.”

Insight for Living Ministries provides many resources for individuals, married couples and families. The ministry is great to work and volunteer for. People who are looking for a place with stellar biblical teaching material and resources will find that the online ministry, as well as the Frisco location (when it opens), are great places to learn. Also, for those looking for ministry work and opportunities, the environment is challenging, rewarding and a down-right fun place to be!

The new Insight for Living Ministries facility will be located in Frisco at 5330 Parkwood Boulevard. Visit for more information or to get involved.