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An Egg-ceptional Diner!

Jan 01, 2016 ● By Natalie Elliott

There are plenty of top-notch dining options in and around Frisco that allow you to be very selective in what you choose to eat. Indulge me, for just a moment, as I recommend Jimmy’s Egg, located at 8900 Ohio Drive in Plano.

Serving both breakfast and lunch, Jimmy’s Egg is located right across from the Ohio Road Wal-Mart at the Frisco and Plano border. I love local breakfast places that are charming and quaint. Jimmy’s Egg was very clean, well lit and newly furnished. The restaurant reminded me of an International House of Pancakes or some other chain-like establishment. There was even a bar in the back with a television area. I am not a fan of watching the tube while I eat, even though my husband was stoked to get to watch the Cowboys play as he chowed down. The excellent service, fantastic food and great prices featured on the menu quickly impressed me.

When we sat down in our booth, we were greeted by our server, Michael. He was super nice, welcoming and efficient, from the very beginning. You could tell he was a true customer service professional. He had a knack for making newcomers feel welcome and making regulars feel like family. As we looked over the extensive food offerings, I noticed the restaurant was quite busy, even for a late Sunday morning. Despite the packed restaurant, all of the servers were polite, helpful and happy to work. At Jimmy’s Egg, we quickly observed that they form life-long relationships with the guests, so there were many regulars in the restaurant.

After looking over the massive menu of deliciousness, we gave our selections to Michael. He was such a help in making recommendations on restaurant favorites and allowed me to make substitutions as needed.

I started out with coffee, as breakfast is never complete without a cup of joe. The brew was served hot, and Michael continued to refill our drinks, even without us asking. I ordered the Popeye’s Revenge Omelette, one of several listed omelettes, and was not disappointed! The eggs were delectable! They were light and fluffy, seasoned well and full of flavorful ingredients. Mine included fresh spinach, mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese with some bacon bits. In addition to a large portioned omelette, my meal also included a choice of hash browns, home fries, grits, fresh fruit, cottage cheese or a cup of low fat vanilla yogurt. Like the good Southern girl I am, I ordered the grits and held my breath. It is really hard to carry off grits well, unless it is Momma’s home cooking. Most restaurants should just stop selling grits, but Jimmy’s Egg prepared them well! They were creamy with no lumps in sight. They were even salted well. In addition to the omelette and grits, I was also given a second side, a choice of biscuits and sausage gravy, white or wheat toast, mini-stacked buttermilk pancakes, thick-sliced homemade white or cinnamon raisin toast or a cinnamon roll, at an additional cost.

For the slight upcharge, I substituted a cinnamon roll and it was completely worth it. The cinnamon roll was almost as big as a pancake and was easily split between the four of us. Covered in tangy cream cheese style frosting, the roll was reminiscent of Grandma’s, fresh from the oven. These gourmet cinnamon rolls are made from a special Jimmy’s Egg baking mix, and they are baked up in-house. It was one of the best rolls we have ever eaten.

The kid’s pancake combo came with huge pancakes, a side of bacon, an egg and a drink. It was more than enough to satisfy even my very hungry 5-year-old. My oldest got a “grown up” meal, the Ultimate Pancake Combo, that included two strips of bacon, one sausage patty and two eggs, prepared any style, with several choices of pancakes. She decided to substitute hash browns for the eggs and she ate up every bite! The meats, both the sausage patties and bacon, were very tasty, but slightly salty in my opinion. The pancakes, like the rolls, are made with a special mix and were incredible.

My husband dared to be different and ordered off the lunch menu. He selected a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with fresh, crisp French fries. The cheese steak was phenomenal! The beef strips were thinly-sliced and juicy, adorned with sautéed onions, green bell peppers and gooey, Monterey Jack cheese, all served on a toasted ciabata bun. Other lunch options include a variety of salads such as the Southwest Quesadilla Salad, savory sandwiches like the Smoked Turkey Melt and yummy burgers like the Smothered Burger or the Fired Up! Burger. There are also traditional, down home lunch plates served with an entrée and two sides.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with all of our choices and would definitely go back for seconds. Other breakfast favorites on the menu include Jimmy’s Garbage Breakfast and the Garbage Omelette. Jimmy’s Garbage Breakfast consists of crisp, golden brown hash browns topped with grilled onions, bell peppers and a sausage mix. This entrée is finished with two eggs cooked to order, just the way you like them, and served with your choice of toast, homemade bread, a biscuit and country sausage gravy or three buttermilk pancakes. Because the Garbage Breakfast has been such a hit with patrons, the Jimmy’s Garbage Omelette was added to the menu. This omelette includes crispy hash browns topped with grilled onions, bell peppers and sausage crumbles. Another restaurant specialty is the Biscuit Debris, which features two buttermilk biscuits with creamy, country sausage gravy, grilled sausage and ham, topped with melted cheddar cheese and served with home fries or hash browns. There are several popular skillets available to order that are also long-time diner favorites.

For those who may be looking for healthier options, the “Over Light Breakfast” menu features a variety of delicious options, including the signature Skinny Jimmy, which is served with low fat yogurt, topped with fresh fruit, a side of granola and a toasted English muffin. Also available is the Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette, Turkey Sausage and Eggs and Sweet Potato Pancakes, which are certified by the American Heart Association.

Jimmy’s Egg was started in 1980 by Loc Le, a Vietnamese refugee who came to America in 1975 seeking asylum. He bought the business from Jim Newman, who founded the original Jimmy’s Egg, which was a single-unit restaurant. Mr. Le originally bought the restaurant at the request of his wife, however, with four young children to raise, his wife realized that she needed help. So, Mr. Le left his job as an inspector on the Santa Fe Railroad to run the small 50-seat restaurant. Since then, the family stores have grown to 14 units in the Oklahoma City metro area. In 2008, Mr. Le and Jim Burke, who co-founded the Garfield Restaurant chain, launched the franchise partnership. There are now nine company locations and 14 franchise locations in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Because of the outstanding food choices, excellent customer service and incredible prices, Jimmy’s Egg is a top pick, in my opinion. I plan on adding it to my list of favorite places to eat and I encourage you to stop by too!