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A New Kind of Hero

Aug 01, 2015 ● By Frisco STYLE

Juicer Heroes, a juicing store originally founded in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, is now open right here in Frisco. Josh and Jason Taylor, the brothers who founded Juicer Heroes, made it their mission to find a natural cure for Jason’s heavy metal toxicity. During their research, the brothers discovered juicing, and they have been sharing its healthy potential with Texas ever since.

Josh and Jason sold everything they had to pursue their dream, propelled by the belief that if they created products that could educate the public about healthy eating habits and promote general well-being, then people would come. From the beginning, Juicer Heroes has been about more than just creating delicious and healthy drinks. It strives to be a part of the growing Frisco community, providing educational and resourceful programs through their unique and healthful approach. Because of Juicer Heroes’ uniqueness, the team found their niche in the health and wellness world. The company is completely dedicated to using only fresh, organic, local ingredients, and this dedication runs through each of their four locations.

The Frisco Location

Now, families can sip on natural juices created from fruits and vegetables grown right here at home. Thanks to Bryan and Kristi Wright, the owners of the Plano and Frisco Juicer Heroes branches, the Dallas/Fort Worth area can experience the passion for health that Jason and Josh sparked a few years ago. Located on Lebanon Road, the Frisco store offers an assortment of juices that promote the same mission as each of the other locations. Melissa Muirhead, the general manager of the Frisco branch, said, “Juicer Heroes is on a mission of nutrition, which includes educating our clients on wellness and providing the healthiest products possible to assist them in their journey to improve their health. In this time and culture that is so full of ‘fast and easy’ food, it is difficult to find the best and healthiest choices. Going back to the basics and eating or drinking fresh fruits and veggies is a huge step in the right direction.”

What makes this health-focused location different from every other juice bar on every other street corner? Juicer Heroes stands out in the juicing world because of its constant contact with a team of nutritionists, dieticians, functional medicine doctors and other wellness professionals. They train their team members in healthy living and expect them to practice what they preach. Ms. Muirhead reported that each 16-ounce bottle of Juicer Heroes juice contains between two and two and a half pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables, ensuring that customers get the servings they need that day. As for digestive benefits, Ms. Muirhead said, “Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. This is important because most of us have impaired digestion as a result of making less than optimal food choices over many years. This limits your body’s ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Juicing will help ‘pre-digest’ them for you, so you will receive most of the nutrition.” It can also help with weight loss and detoxification of the body. By providing juices that improve digestion, boost metabolism and allow you to eat foods that you might not eat whole, this company, that always keeps its customers’ health in mind, is changing the way people view an important section of the food pyramid.

Their mission runs deeper than financial gain, so they employ a slow-speed cold press juicer instead of a blood-sugar-spiking, high-speed juicer that would remove most of the nutrients and enzymes. The glass bottles Juicer Heroes uses help retain flavor and nutritional value in the juices. Customers even receive a discount when they return empty glass bottles for recycling! With no water and no sweeteners, the juice gets the flavor entirely from the infused raw fruits and vegetables. The store’s superhero theme is implemented in school programs that teach kids about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Referring to how important education is to Juicer Heroes, Ms. Muirhead said, “Most of our customers have heard that juicing is good, but they have no idea why. Educating them is critical to their allegiance to us. Our associates are trained and educate our customers on the benefits of juicing. They explain our unique process versus the competition.”

Serving and Educating the Community

Because of their commitment to preserving the environment, Juicer Heroes sends its leftover pulp to farmers to be used for their animals. This past spring, the San Antonio Juicer Heroes team even partnered with Enactus, an international nonprofit organization present in more than 40 countries worldwide, to use this fuel for something a little more creative.

Enactus’ goal is to connect college students with businesses in a variety of entrepreneurial projects to promote worldwide progress. The organization hosts several regional and national competitions every year to encourage ingenuity and creative solutions to modern day problems. Claire Marshall, the vice president of her school’s Enactus club, started working at Juicer Heroes in 2014. She teamed up with Drew to brainstorm future possibilities involving fuel made from organic matter. After much discussion and research, Drew figured out how to make fuel in a method very similar to distilling moonshine.

Distillation is the scientific process of separating substances from a liquid through evaporation and condensation. At Juicer Heroes, the team combined yeast water and the sugar from the fruit pulp with high temperatures (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and left it in a fermentation machine for five days. After the yeast deconstructs the sugar, the pulp from the original mixture is transformed into a liquid, which can be boiled. This mixture of blended alcohol and water rises in gas form and enters a copper column. It then condenses into liquid ethanol and the finished product trickles into a container.

Does the process sound a little complicated? It is not for this team! You can get involved with the mission of Juicer Heroes by visiting one of their four locations in Texas. They are active in the community and make it a goal to educate the community and their customers about health and fitness whenever they can. Ms. Muirhead said, “We are really passionate about our city, from being involved in Frisco events to supporting international nonprofit organizations. We are involved in schools, sports camps and more this summer. We have a packed schedule while we are trying to spread the message of our mission of nutrition and create relationships within the Frisco community.”

A New Approach to Everyday Health

The store’s diverse and colorful menu includes the expected juices with fruits and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries, oranges, carrots and celery. An unexpected option like the Heat of the Rooster power juice, contains tomatoes, celery, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, onion and garlic. Ms. Muirhead’s favorite, the Kaleman Creation power plus juice, is made of kale, strawberries, grapes, red cabbage, apples and pears. Every option is geared toward making customers healthier and happier. Juicer Heroes offers three, five and seven-day cleansing juice fasts, coconut water and local honey. Some stores even offer skin care products like organic raw sunscreen, hemp bar soap and salt scrubs. Elevate Life Wellness Workshops are offered through Dr. Michael Boss, so people can learn how to better implement healthy living. Each Texas location offers products grown right in the local area. Online product purchase is also available. Customers can have juice delivered to their home or business within a 10-mile radius of a store’s location. Regardless of your taste preferences, a delicious juice from Juicer Heroes is sure to enhance your health and heart.

To learn more about Juicer Heroes and everything the company does to make a difference in the health of the community, visit