Preparation for Smooth Sailing
By Amy Day Richmond

As Frisco continues to develop, growing pains are likely to arise. While traffic and the number of apartment buildings going up have already been flagged as hot topics of discussion, Mayor Jeff Cheney says challenges in growing cities will continue to change from year to year. Based on circumstances currently in Frisco, the following areas are sure to be on the radar at some point soon:

Mayor Cheney shares, “Frisco is a very new community. A lot of our assets were built in a very short window -- really over the last 10-15 years. As the community continues to age, a lot of infrastructure and amenities will age at the same time. That is why the city developed a capital reserve fund and started funding to be prepared for 10,15 or 20 years from now.”

“Making sure we maintain a fiscally-conservative budget and deliver high-quality services at the lowest possible tax rate is something Frisco has been known for. A big concern is the huge growth in residential values,” says Mayor Cheney.

Ensuring infrastructure is keeping up with growth is important to maintaining a high quality of life in Frisco.

There is huge responsibility in providing much needed resources for police and fire departments as demand grows. As more families move to Frisco, what types of additional equipment and resources will be required to provide the safest environment for residents?

Experiences From Toyota Satdium and Dr Pepper Ballpark to the Heritage Center and Frisco Square, there is no shortage of entertainment destinations in this city. For Frisco leaders, the goal and hope is “that you never have to leave Frisco to get what you want or need,” Mayor Cheney says.

As Frisco citizens, we need to stay updated and aware of everything happening within the city. You can learn all you need to know about change and growth-related issues at