Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
By Lisa Ferguson

Frisco moms in search of friends and fellowship do not need to look any further than some of their favorite social media sites, where searches yield links to numerous group pages for moms. The pages are populated by local ladies looking for gal pals with whom they can share playdates for their kids or hang out (sans little ones) and enjoy a cup of coffee, movies, hobbies and other activities.

Frisco has a variety of groups for moms of every age and stage. Bargain-hunting mothers can get their sales on alongside members of a group called “Crazy Couponing Moms of Frisco.” Moms of Indian and South Asian descent participate in “Girls’ Night” events hosted by the Masala Moms of Frisco/North Dallas. Stay-at-home moms with kids under the age of five can join the Fun and Fabulous Moms of Frisco playgroup, which makes weekly visits to area parks and other attractions. Crystal Martinez established the Frisco chapter of Working Moms Need Fun, Too on earlier this year (she previously ran a similar group in Irving). Since then, some of its 60 members have attended a Texas Legends basketball game and even tested their shooting skills at the Frisco Gun Club together. Mostly, the women are “looking for close friends in the area,” she says. They “hope to meet people who are likeminded, who are positive and genuine-spirited … people who love family and life.”

Why not try a fun group? After all, what mom could not use a few more friends who are experiencing similar chapters of life? Today could be the day you join a local group and start forming life-long friendships!