Historical Sites in Frisco
By Allie Spletter

Frisco’s rich history dates back into the 1800s, when pioneers made their way down the Shawnee Trail (now Preston Road) and later settled in Frisco. To preserve that unique history, the Heritage Association of Frisco is committed to marking historic sites around town for others to both enjoy and appreciate. These sites were integral parts of our town both then and now.
Since its establishment in 1998, The Heritage Association of Frisco has identified and marked 33 historic sites in and around Frisco, including historic downtown, many historic homes and schools, cemeteries and parks, just to name a few things!
Linda Sutton, Chair of the Heritage Association Historic Sites Committee, says, “By saving and sharing Frisco’s history, the Heritage Association hopes to instill pride in the hundreds of new residents who move to our city every year. I believe they have the same aspirations of a good life, just as those who moved here more than 100 hundred years ago.”
The Heritage Association has recently seen a renewed interest in the historic homes of Frisco, and two new markers were placed at homes in the historic section of downtown Frisco. The Heritage Association welcomes suggestions for new landmarks and accepts applications from residents/property owners for the approval of a new historical marker site. Applications for a historical marker can be found on the Heritage Association’s website, at www.friscoheritage.org. To learn more about where historical sites in Frisco are, click on the “Historical Sites” tab where you will find a map of historic destinations, along with information on applying for a marker.