What’s Next?
By Dru Bickham

The Frisco ISD has participated in various programs over the years for the betterment of students and the community at large. Programs include Hoops for Heart, the Kids Teaching Kids 21-Day Challenge (to encourage better eating habits) and, most recently, the Happiness Advantage Challenge, which inspired students, staff and family to readjust their view on the world to feel happier and help spread joy to others.

Though each of these programs have different goals, collectively, they have the same hope of bringing the community together to encourage health, wellness and genuineness in interactions with each other. When the community works together and lives as a whole, it can accomplish more and be more.

The Happiness Advantage Challenge showed students across the city of Frisco the power of taking time to be thankful for what they have and to recognize all the positive things happening in and around our community. Kids were encouraged to take the challenge home so the impact would radiate further than the school. The school district desires to continue to grow, learn and change lives together as a community. The FISD hopes to participate in the Happiness Advantage Challenge every year moving forward, and to make it bigger and better each year.

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