The Safest Move to Make
By Dru Bickham

It is always good to be prepared for emergencies, even though we hope the time never comes when we need to be. Becoming CPR/AED certified could be the wisest decision you make, and could even help you save a life. “Early recognition of someone needing medical attention is critical,” says paramedic and 20-year Frisco resident Sheila Elliott. “It is the difference between life and death.”
Seeking training in these areas is not only smart for the individual, but businesses should also seriously consider organizing training sessions for their employees. Ensuring all employees learn these lifesaving skills makes everyone safer in the workplace, and the class can be a great option for company bonding or can be worked into employee training.
Local places offering classes on CPR and AED training make getting certified easy. Collin College in McKinney offers a wide variety of health care certification courses. Learn more at or by calling 972.548.6790. The American Heart Association’s website,, allows you to sign up for CPR classes near you. It is recommended you research your instructor before you sign up for a class to ensure they have performed CPR in an emergency before. Also, teachers need to have experience. The American Red Cross offers a similar service if you visit
An affordable option closer to home is iSaveLives, a company owned by Mrs. Elliott, that offers CPR/AED and First Aid training. Mrs. Elliott is a paramedic, the EMT Coordinator at El Centro College in Dallas and has been teaching courses for 10 years. Find more information about her unique company at