Additional Content - Arts and Culture

Keeping the Calendar Booked
By Christi Redfearn

From the Frisco Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Frisco Youth Theatre and Theatre Frisco, to the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, the Frisco Chorale and Gallery 8680, Frisco arts groups provide more entertainment and activities than there is even time available! These groups are staples in the community, made up of residents performing for other residents. No matter your interests, there are groups you can join that involve music, theater, visual arts and vocalists. You might also want to check out the Frisco Ballet for dancers or The Movie Institute for aspiring film directors.

Tammy Meinershagen, the executive director of Frisco Arts, a violinist and an advocate for arts all around Frisco, says, “There is a creative revolution happening in Frisco right now. It is an exciting time for those who participate in the arts. As our city grows, so does our creative population.”

If you are curious to learn more about one or more of these organizations, Frisco Arts is a local nonprofit group with a mission to advance the arts throughout our city. They keep an online calendar of various arts events for the city, proof that there is never a dull moment in Frisco. Be sure you check it out at The calendar is organized by the “type” of art you are interested in, so if art galleries are not your thing, a play might be just what you are looking for!